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    SPAR Accepting 2021 Board Applications

    Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council (SPAR) is now accepting applications for the Board of Directors. The organization has lead preservation and revitalization efforts in the Springfield community since 1974, and is a key advocate for quality-of-life improvements on behalf of residents, business owners, and stakeholders alike. Applications will be accepted until September 18, 2020. 

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  • Meet Your Neighbor: Carlottra

    Carlottra.jpgName: Carlottra Guyton

    Location: Boulevard Street

    Occupation: Retired financial investigator

    Fun Fact: Carlottra has a heart for volunteering. She's been involved with many organizations through the years, including Leadership Jacksonville (c/o 96), Jacksonville Urban League, and served as our local SHADCO chair (now called Sheriff's Watch) for almost 10 years. She currently serves on leadership committees for the Wells Fargo Community Learning Center and Delta Sigma Theta Society Inc, Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter.

    What brought you to the Springfield Historic District?

    Believe it or not, it wasn't for the architecture or historic character. I know that's what a lot of people move here for now, but back when I bought in 1994, I was looking for a good deal in the place I would feel comfortable in. And it took some convincing, trust me it did, but I came around and am so glad I did. You see, I was coming out of a divorce and needed a home to call my own. Most of my friends wanted me to buy in Arlington or Southside, definitely NOT Springfield. Anywhere but Springfield! Even the thought of moving to Springfield was laughable to me at the time. This neighborhood was known for drugs and crime then, and not much else. Or so I thought. I had friend in Neighborhood Housing Services who had a meeting in Springfield. There were efforts being made, even back in the early 1990s, to turn around the neighborhood. She knew I was looking for a home and wanted me to visit the neighborhood just to see it, to see what was happening. So I did. I met her at the Woman's Club building on West 7th Street and what I saw shocked me! I saw all these white people, quite frankly, in the room, most who had relocated to live there from out of state. Locals wouldn't move here because of the reputation, you see, so we had lots of newcomers to Jacksonville in the neighborhood back then. So I knew the neighborhood was on the upswing, but I wasn't 100% sold yet. Another friend, Richard Harrell, was recruiting professional blacks to move to the neighborhood and was relatively successful at it. He had a phenomenal personality, so you couldn't help but love him and listen to what he was saying. People who turned out to be community leaders like Tonya Weathersby and The Spanns were recruited by Richard. And that's what really convinced me to come to Springfield: friends who I trusted and opened my eyes to what the neighborhood was aspiring to be. But let me tell you, most of my friends thought I had lost my mind!

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    Board Meeting - 8/20/18

    Monday, August 20, 2018

    6:00pm Southern Moss Realty

    Present: Todd Hollinghead, President, Aaron Glick, Vice President, Jaimee Stewart, Secretary, Bill Hoff, Ex Officio, Kelly Lezama, Michelle Tappouni, Joey Marchy, Tim Hope, Michael Montoya, Mark Morley

    Not Present: Janie Coffey, Jack Adams, Treasurer, Yolanda Copeland, Soner Acar

    Staff/Resources Present: Kelly Rich, Executive Director, Heather Benfield, Administrator

    Guests: Diane Graese, Mallik Singhareddy, Ed from Paved to Perfection


    The meeting was called to order by President Todd Hollinghead at 6:10pm

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    SAMBA Membership Directory


    1748 Bakehouse
    1748 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    8103 Clothing 
    1715 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    An Olde Time Hardware
    3732 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Avela Day Spa
    1445 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Belle_Epoque.jpg   Block_Skate.png
    Belle Epoque Realty Services
    Big House of Glass
    and Vape
    1724 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    The Block Skate Supply
    1717 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Bloom Realty
    2104 Park St. #102
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    Boys and Girls Club
    of Northeast Florida -
    Citi Teen Center  
    313 E. 10th St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    Catie Rosie's Comfort Cuisine
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
     Catlin.png  Cavendish_Partners.jpg Classic_Maven.png
    Catlin Truck Accessories
    1215 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Cavendish Partners
    25 N. Market St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Classic Maven Boutique
    157 E. 8th St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    ReMaxlogo.jpg E2logo.jpg Eddis_and_sons_logo_jpeg.jpg
    Crissie Cudd, Broker Associate
    RE/MAX Watermarke
    1665 San Marco Boulevard
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    E2 Design and Construction
    6900 Philips Highway,
    Suite 31
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    Eddis and Sons
    P.O. Box 2025
    Jacksonville, FL 32203
    EXIT Real Estate Gallery
    3584 St. Johns Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    GAGA Galaxy
    Josh and Jennifer Chapman
    Great Expectations Auction & Estate Services
    515 E. 9th St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    HOLA! Mexican Restaurant
    1001 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
     Hyperion_Logo.jpg logo-jwb_(1).png  
    Hyperion Brewing Company
    1740 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    JWB Real Estate Capital
    7563 Philips Highway, Suite 109
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    M & M Estate
    1651 Walnut Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    hashtag_logo_2.png Paulk_R.png

    Rachelle Miller, Broker

    Hashtag Realty Group

    1010 East Adams Street, Suite 206
    Jacksonville, FL 32202
    Paulk Reinschmidt, CPA
    720 St. Johns Bluff Rd. N,
    Suite 4
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    Petra.jpg  Pottsburg_Creek_logo_(1).jpg
    Petra Management, Inc.
    2440 Mayport Road, Suite 7
    Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
    Pottsburg Creek Animal Clinic
    7540 Hogan Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    Prime Lending 
    122276 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 747 Jacksonville, FL 32223 904.404.8029


    Sanctuary.png Sargents.png SB_logo4.jpg
    The Sanctuary on 8th Street
    120 E. 8th St.
    Jacksonville, FL  32206
    Sargent Upholstery
    44 E. 1st St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206



    Smith Brothers Plastering Company 

    2539 Edison Ave.
    Jacksonville, FL  32204


    Social Grounds Logo Southern-Brothers-Logo-120px.png  IMG_7540.jpeg
    Social Grounds Coffee
    1712 N. Main Street
    Jacksonville, FL  32206
    Mark Riccaboni
    Certified Professional Inspector
    Southern Brothers
     Simply Kesay Boutique
    Lakecia Walker
    1835 N. Pearl St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206

    Southern Moss Realty
    1501 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Standard Feed & Seed
    1236 Kings Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32204
    Strings.jpg Superior-Fence-and-Rail_logo.png Swisher_International_Hospitality.jpg
    Strings Sports Brewery
    1850 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Superior Fence and Rail
    5470 Highway Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32254
    Swisher International
    459 E. 16th St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
     UnderStory Film Logo w_background.png
    Tara Braithwaite,
    Broker Associate
    7741 Pointe Meadows Dr. Suite 101
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    The Understory Film Company
    Jacksonville, FL 
    TerraWise_Homes.jpg Trautmann_Co.jpg Uptownlogo.png
      Terra Wise Homes
    1321 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Trautmann & Company, LLC
    9378 Arlington Expressway #337
    Jacksonville, FL  32225
    Uptown Kitchen & Bar
    1303 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    wafaa_mikes_logo.png   WalkWagPetandPurrLogo.png
    Wafaa and Mike's 
    1544 N. Main St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
    Walk Wag Pet and Purr
    Watson_Realty.jpg Whole_Story_Home_Inspection.jpg  
    Watson Realty Southside
    4540 Southside Blvd. Ste. 1
    Jacksonville FL 32216
    The Whole Story Home Inspection, LLC

    General Members

    1Foxy Lady Cafe
    Aardwolf Brewing Company
    Amanda Searle, Realtor
    BARK on Main
    Bigg and Little Reggie Foundation
    Bleu Chocolat
    Brightway Insurance, Daniel Miller
    Cindy Corey
    Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Tara Braithwaite, TBHomesFL
    Curtis Dvorak
    David Jose
    Grace and Truth CDC
    Halsema Plaza
    Hyperion Brewing Company
    Iben Lakay LLC
    Icecapade Frozen Treats
    Intuition Ale Works
    Jax Brickhouse
    Jackie Sullivan, Elite Realty Group
    Jax Rides Tours
    Kindred Care EMS
    Main and Six Brewing
    Metro North CDC
    My Property Claims
    Renee Parenteau Photography
    Reputation Ink
    Root Realty
    Salvation Army of Northeast Florida
    Southern Brothers Jax
    Stephanie Acar Photography
    Strings Sports Brewery
    Superior Construction
    Sweet Christi's
    Sweet Spot Urban Lounge
    The Block Skate Supply

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    logo_header_51.jpg an affiliate of SPAR

    Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association (SAMBA) works to:

    • Promote civic pride and awareness of Springfield’s assets, particularly those of the business community, through marketing, fundraising and cultural participation; 
    • Recruits professionals and business owners to open offices and retail establishments in our area to provide a greater range of goods and services and job opportunities;
    • Collaborates with other neighborhood organizations and government agencies on projects designed to enhance the quality of life in our business district and surrounding neighborhoods; and
    • Offers educational and networking opportunities to member businesses.


    SAMBA has grown and flourished throughout Springfield’s Sesquicentennial year. 

    Since the inception of the Facade Grant program in 2017, over $15,000 in grants have been disbursed to twelve Springfield businesses.

    SAMBA recently introduced the Quarterly Mini-Grant, which will assist neighborhood businesses in the planning and promotion of business-related events in Springfield. 

    In 2019, SAMBA formed an Advisory Committee, made up of SAMBA members, to help with the disbursement of SAMBA funds and with future projects. This committee was designed to represent business owners from each aspect of the community. Positions are designated as follows two in the food/beverage industry, one in retail, one in home-based business, and one property owner. 

    SAMBA continually works with local governmental agencies to provide beautification and pedestrian upgrades to the neighborhood; including improvements to crosswalks, plantings in tree wells and on Main Street medians, more trash cans on Main Street, electrical improvements on Main Street, and continuing conversations with FDOT to move forward with a road diet along Main Street.

    We’ve had a lot of growth in the last 3 years. In 2017, we had an average of 12 attendees at our meetings, in 2018 we grew to an average of 24 attendees, and in 2019, we maintained our average of 25 attendees.

    Membership has grown from no regular dues paying members in 2017 to 81 members as of 12/3/2019.

    We had a wonderful collective of speakers at our 2019 SAMBA meetings, including:

    - LISC Jacksonville, Devin Thompson – economic rejuvenation of Springfield and guide for small businesses through grant making and lender options

    - Metro North board member and former SPAR Executive Director, Brenda Boydston – Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP)

    - SPAR Executive Director, Kelly Rich – Main Street Conference

    - Bonnie Upright, APR – social media and communications for businesses

    - Social Grounds Coffee owner, Jason Kelloway - hiring Veterans and ways to support the community around you via nonprofit organizations

    We have reached out to local publications that are willing to offer a group page for local Springfield businesses, and have had representatives from those publications at SAMBA meetings so businesses can have a one-on-one opportunity to discuss advertising options.

    We created the “Have You Been to Springfield Lately?” poster campaign in 2019. These posters help to promote Springfield businesses outside of the neighborhood (i.e. Stadium District and Downtown) to draw on the attendance to concerts, football games, and other big events. 

    SAMBA works with Visit Jacksonville to keep the Springfield neighborhood page updated with new content on at least a quarterly basis. We also share additional opportunities through Visit Jacksonville with our members.

    We coordinated a collaboration between Springfield breweries and Aardwolf Brewing Company and Intuition Ale works to create a special beer for the Sesquicentennial called Ses-Q Saison. Through our partnership with Champion Brands, we hosted pop-up events throughout Northeast Florida in 2019 for this beer. This gave the Springfield breweries significant additional exposure for their brands and built awareness of Springfield as a whole.

    We are generally one of the first points of contact for businesses who are interested in opening in Springfield. From meeting with business owners to discuss neighborhood needs, logistics, and playing “match maker” with commercial property owners; we are a valued resource for new business owners. We also have ongoing discussions with developers about Springfield neighborhood needs; and have had multiple meetings about potential grocery stores and gas stations coming to the neighborhood. We are also a resource for established businesses, and have helped find sponsors, vendors, musicians, and volunteers for events hosted by Springfield businesses.

    SAMBA has worked to coordinate meetings between our Councilman and city departments when businesses have had issues with opening.

    SAMBA shares relevant posts on our social media pages.

    Our goals for 2020 include working closely with the Advisory Committee to focus on positive marketing of our Commercial Corridor.


    Connect with SAMBA

    Facebook.png      Twitter.png     ima14.jpg

    Click here for the SAMBA membership directory


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    Events Committee


    Our community is a social one, with a plethora of events throughout the year to enjoy - which require planning!

    The Annual Tour of Homes, July 4th Throwback Baseball Game, Jacksonville PorchFest and other events depend on volunteers to coordinate and plan. If you have a knack for organizing events, or just want to lend a hand, there's a spot for you!

    Send us an email to let us know.

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