Sesquicentennial Park

SPAR has installed a temporary park on Main Street, aptly named Sesquicentennial Park, in celebration of 150 years of the Springfield neighborhood. The pocket park was completed in February 2019 and was in use for the entire Sesquicentennial year. In early 2020, the lease for Sesquicentennial Park was extended another year through December of 2020. 

SPAR will be hosting events in Sesquicentennial Park and we’re looking forward to the park being activated not only by us but by our neighbors, as well.

The park, located at 1527 N. Main St. and centered around a century-old live oak tree, is semi-enclosed with picket fencing and features a stage. The grand opening of the park was March 6, 2019 with the kick-off of “Music on Main." This music series, organized by SPAR, includes food trucks, live music, beer and wine, and is free and open to the public. 

Currently there are no public spaces north of 1st Street on Main Street in Historic Springfield. SPAR is leading the way to change that by utilizing this place-making strategy that has seen success in many other urban areas. The goal is to create or enhance public spaces. This helps meet community needs and bring underused places to life.

Would you like to book Sesquicentennial Park for your next outdoor event? Download the Sesquicentennial Park Application here

"What a great idea: Downtown needs its vital neighborhoods like Springfield to have great activities like these that draw neighbors and residents together." - The Florida Times-Union


Sesquicentennial Park was created with support from:
Springfield Preservation and Revitalization
Jacksonville PorchFest 
LandVilla Outdoor
LISC Jacksonville
JoAnn Tredennick and Jack Meeks