Springfield Cleanup Corps

The Springfield Cleanup Corps is a beautification and blight reduction program in Springfield modelled on the Downtown Ambassador program. The Springfield Cleanup Corps employs 4 staff members to remove litter and other forms of blight in our neighborhood with an emphasis on our commercial corridors.

Donations to the Springfield Cleanup Corps support our beautification and blight reduction efforts. Direct cash donations cover program staff salaries and equipment costs.

We also accept sponsorships and in-kind donations of materials and equipment. Urgent in-kind needs include storage and dumpster space, uniforms, carts, etc. Many equipment donations come with branding opportunities.

2024 Springfield Cleanup Sponsor Opportunities

Contact us [email protected] to discuss sponsorships, in-kind donations, and other ways to support.

When you donate, 100% of your contribution supports the Springfield Cleanup Corps:

  • $25 pays for 1 hour of beautification services
  • $200 pays for 1 full day of beautification services
  • $1,000 pays for 1 full week of beautification services



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