Helpful Information

City of Jacksonville (COJ)
(904) 630-CITY
To report a problem or concern online, click here.

Jacksonville Electrical Authority (JEA)
(904) 665-6000

Jacksonville Sheriffs Office (JSO)
Emergency number: 911

Non-emergency number: (904) 630-0500

Zone 1 Office: (904) 630-8144

Our neighborhood is located in Zone 1, Sector B

If having an issue with trespassers on your property, please fill out the JSO Trepass Authorization Form and email it to [email protected] and [email protected] .

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)
(904) 630-3100

Trash, Recycle & Yard Waste

> For residents on the EAST side of Main Street, garbage, recycle, and yard waste pick up all come on Thursdays.
> For residents on the WEST side of Main Street, garbage pick up is on Tuesdays, while recycle and yard waste comes on Thursdays.
> Please note all recycle pick ups are EVERY OTHER week, so roughly twice a month.

Other tips:
> Keep garbage separated from yard waste. Neither will be picked up if garbage and yard waste are mixed together.
> Residents must report the location of car tires to be picked up to the city. Even if tires are sitting on the curb, they will not be picked up unless they are reported.
> Garbage and yard waste placed in front of vacant lots or vacant homes is not automatically picked up. You must report the location to the city for pick up
> If you see a property or area littered with garbage, report it to the city to be addressed. They will notify the owner to clean up the property or clean up the property themselves (after a period of time has passed).

For more information about trash, recycle and yard waste, visit the COJ website.  

Blight Abatement

  • Know your disposal days for trash, yard waste and recycling.
  • Keep your yard maintained with grass no higher than 15 inches. Knee high is too high.
  • Report litter, illegal dumping or overgrown grass online at or by calling 630-CITY (630-2489).

For more information, visit our blog and/or visit the city website.

Animal Care & Protective Services
2020 Forrest Street
(904) 620-CITY
For more information, visit the city website.

There are three schools zoned for our neighborhood, and also two magnet schools in the neighborhood. Many children attend schools outside the neighborhood via school choice programs as well. 

Post Office

Main Street
1601 N. Main Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 353-3578
(In the neighborhood)

Kings Road
1100 Kings Road
Jacksonville, FL 32203
(904) 366-4820
(About 1-2 miles away)


Main Library
303 N. Laura Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 630-2665
(About 1 mile or less or away) 


Premier Pharmacy
150 E. 8th Street
(904) 355-5646
(In the neighborhood)

1801 N. Davis Street
(904) 353-1942
(Less than a mile away)


Springfield Superette
1701 N Pearl Street
(904) 356-2531
(In the neighborhood)

Harveys Supermarket
777 Market Street
(904) 353-6810
(About 1 mile or less away)

Fresh Market
150 Riverside Avenue
(904) 665-0181
(About 2-3 miles away)

2033 Riverside Avenue
(904) 381-8610
(About 3 miles away) 


UF Health Jacksonville
665 W. 8th Street
(904) 244-0411
(Less than a mile away)

Baptist Medical Center 
800 Prudential Drive
(904) 202-2000
(About 3 miles away)






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