The Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association (“SAMBA”) and Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council, Inc. (“SPAR”), have established a Commercial Corridors Grant Program which is funded by SPAR. Matching Grants are available to members of SAMBA for projects improving the appearance of commercial property located within the Springfield Historic District.

The Grant Program will be administered by the Commercial Corridors Committee (“CCC”) of SPAR.

The Grant Program is intended to cover improvements such as painting, awnings, signage, window and/or door replacement, lighting, landscaping, planters, street furniture, bicycle racks, and restoration of historic features (including removal of inappropriately applied facades).


  • The property must be located in the Springfield Historic District.
  • Applicant must be a member of SAMBA, at the time of application, at the time of award, and at the time of payment.
  • Applicant must submit a grant application prior to the commencement of the proposed work.
  • All improvements must meet any applicable ordinances of the City of Jacksonville, state and federal law and comply with all historical guidelines of the Springfield Historic District.
  • The money is in the form of a grant, not a loan, and is available as follows:
    1. The grant is a 50% matching grant meaning that the applicant will pay one half the cost of the project, and the grant will fund a percentage of the remainder based upon the scoring matrix attached to this application.
    2. The minimum grant request is $250 and the maximum request is $2,500.
    3. Grant funds will only be disbursed after the project has been completed.
  • If the applicant is not the property owner, the applicant must receive and present to the CCB prior written approval from the property owner for the project contemplated by the applicant’s application.
  • If project requires Certificate of Appropriateness (“COA”)  from the Historic Preservation Section of the City of Jacksonville, applicant must submit the approved COA to the Committee.



Applications will be reviewed by the CCC to assure that the project plans are consistent with the intent of the Grant Program. Following the review of the application, the CCC will make one of the following recommendations: 1. Approved; 2. Approved with Changes; 3. Approved with Partial Funding; 4. Denied.



Please call 904-353-7727 or email [email protected] with questions.


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