Building, Renovation & Design Rules

Because our neighborhood is both nationally and locally recognized as a Historic District, there are special rules associated with renovations, building new, and design.

All exterior work on a property, including new construction, renovation, fencing, doors, windows, driveways, garages, etc requires an approved Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) application. Springfield is one of three Jacksonville Historic Districts, so if you are considering making alterations to your home or business within the Springfield Historic District – including demolition – a COA is required. Please note that work to a property site in a historic district (such as repair and installation of new sidewalks and driveways) also require an approved COA.

An approved COA application ensures that the proposed work is consistent with the appropriate design and construction regulations and historic preservation standards. Most work can be approved administratively by the Historic Preservation Section of the Jacksonville Planning and Development Department. Other work, such as street visible additions, new construction, window replacement, demolition and relocation, will require the review and action by the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). An approved COA is required before a building permit can be issued.

Please call (904) 255-7859 to schedule an appointment with a planner to submit a COA or submit the completed COA via email, USPS mail or fax to (904) 255-7885.

Springfield Preservation and Revitalization (SPAR) also has a volunteer advisory Design & Review committee, which meets monthly to review COA applications and make recommendations to the Historic Preservation Commission at the monthly public hearings. If you would like assistance with the COA process, or with your application, please contact the SPAR to schedule an appointment.

The Historic Preservation Inspector carries out enforcement action on violations and provides inspections to confirm compliance with an approved COA.

To report a violation or request an inspection, please call city of Jacksonville Historic Preservation Office at (904) 255-7859 or report the violation by calling C.A.R.E. at (904) 630-CITY.

If you desire to be kept anonymous when reporting a suspected violation, please make sure to let them know when you call.

Direct links to rules and regulations specific to our neighborhood

Springfield Historic District Design and Construction rules 

Springfield Historic District Fencing rules

Springfield Zoning Overlay rules (scroll to the bottom)

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