About the Springfield Historic District

The Springfield Historic District is a neighborhood located north of downtown Jacksonville. It was established in 1869 and is the first of four federally designated historic districts in Jacksonville. 

Springfield was the first neighborhood established outside of downtown Jacksonville and was the most desirable place to live in Jacksonville after the Great Fire of 1901 left much of downtown in ruins. Springfield still retains much of its historic character and contains some of the best examples of late 19th and early 20th century architecture that the city has to offer.

The Springfield Historic District is located north of downtown Jacksonville and east of I-95. The approximate boundaries of the Historic District are: 12th street to the North, 1st Street to the South, Boulevard to the West, and Ionia Street to the East. The Historic District is just under one square mile and contains approximately 1800 structures that are more than 75 years old. Springfield’s historic homes are built in a wide range of architectural styles. Some of the most notable styles are: Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, Victorian, Prairie School, Mediterranean and Bungalow.

Springfield, like so many other urban neighborhoods in the United States, fell into a period of decline in the mid 20th century. After years of neglect, Springfield started to make a turn for the better in the latter part of the 20th century. That momentum has carried forward into the 21st century. Many of Springfield’s “grand old ladies” (as Springfield’s historic homes are affectionately known) have recently been renovated.

Modern day Springfield is arguably one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Jacksonville, due to its beautiful architecture, gridded streets, walkability and bikeability, variety of parks, eclectic nightlife, unique restaurants, proximity to Downtown, abundant social events, and friendly neighbors. National, state, and local media have taken notice and highlighted our dynamic and growing community.

People of all ages, races, sexual orientation and interests are drawn to Springfield and its historic homes. Residents of Springfield often move to the neighborhood for the beautiful architecture and convenience, but choose to stay because of the sense of community. Here, you know your neighbors: not just those on your block, but the ones who live all over the historic district. There are a wide range of groups and organizations for residents to participate in, from the mission-driven to the purely social.

Springfield’s residents and organizations are passionately committed to preserving the historic character of the district, keeping the neighborhood safe and clean, and creating a vibrant community. Come and see what makes Springfield such a unique place. They sure don’t make neighborhoods like this anymore…


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