Joining a committee is a great way to get involved, learn more about upcoming developments impacting Springfield, and ensure that your voice is heard in our neighborhood. Our committee members provide valuable input and planning for a variety of Springfield initiatives.

To join a committee, email us at [email protected] or call us at 904-353-7727 and we'll send you information on when and where the committee meets next. Please note that we ask our committee members to maintain general membership in Springfield Preservation and Revitalization.

  • Commercial Corridors: Improves our commercial corridors (Main Street, 8th Street, and Pearl Street) through small business grantmaking, running our business association, and beautification efforts
  • Community Engagement: Recruits volunteers for our events and programs throughout the year
  • Commercial and Residential Infrastructure: Reviews proposed changes to our neighborhood and provides opportunities for community input on new developments
  • Design Review: Reviews proposed changes to historic properties in our neighborhood and provides opportunities for community input on those changes
  • Fund Development: Raises funds to support our work through grant applications, corporate sponsorships, and donor giving
  • Holiday Society: Decorates the neighborhood for the holidays, including lights on Main Street and the tree in Sesquicentennial Park
  • Home Tour: Organizes the Historic Springfield Tour of Homes and Gardens
  • PorchFest: Organizes Jacksonville PorchFest, a free, annual community music festival

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