Q&A: JEA and Historic District Tree Canopy

Date: March 6th, 2014

Location: 210 W. 7th Street, Springfield Womans Club building

Jacksonville Electrical Authority (JEA) conducted a public Q&A meeting and presentation about their new and improved tree care standards for protecting mature tree canopies in Jacksonville historic districts.

Springfield Preservation & Revitalization (SPAR) represents one of two Historic Districts in the City of Jacksonville that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and that have local protections through Chapter 307, the Historic Preservation and Protection Ordinance Code. The City of Jacksonville protects not only the historic buildings within these two nationally recognized historic districts, but also protects many historic features, such as sidewalks, alleys, curbs, and yes, even trees. Our historic tree canopy is one of the major elements that attract people to our neighborhood and it also increases our property values.


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Annual Community Meeting & Board Election

Date: 11/07/13

Location: Wells Fargo Community Learning Center at E. 6th & Main Street

The purpose of this meeting was to learn about the 8th Street multi-family project being developed by Operation New Hope, the federal grant recently awarded to help improve the Hogans Creek park system, and elect new members to the Board of Directors.

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Fall Community Meeting 2013

Date: 9/12/13

Location: Paul Davis Restoration warehouse at 2111 N. Liberty Street.

The purpose of the this meeting was to update the community about recent grants and discuss community priorities.

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Summer 2013 Community Meeting

Date: 7/11/13

Location: The Springfield Improvement Association & Archives (210 W. 7th Street)

Mayor Alvin Brown and 20 City of Jacksonville department representatives attended the community meeting to share plans for the Hogans Creek park system and address questions and concerns from residents about a variety of other community issues.

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Spring 2013 Community Meeting

Date: March 14th, 2013

Location: Paul Davis Restoration warehouse, 2111 N. Liberty Street.

The purpose of the this meeting was to briefly discuss the outcome of the 2012 EPIC meetings, including proposed goals and ideas from the Quality of Life Plan, which could affect our neighborhood. Over 60 people attended the Community Meeting to brainstorm and prioritize potential projects suitable for completing the grant application process defined by LISC and Operation New Hope.  


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