Strategic Plan Summary 2017-2020

SPAR Mission and Values

Updated September 25th, 2017

Mission Statement:

The mission of SPAR is to ensure Historic Springfield is a preferred place to live and do business by leading programs that drive the preservation, revitalization, and balanced growth of our community.


  • Inclusive – We embrace diversity and inclusion in our organization, neighborhood, residents, and businesses and believe our differences make us stronger.
  • Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior and make decisions that are in the best interests of the neighborhood as a whole.
  • Visionary – We are driven today by the potential of what we can become tomorrow.
  • Engaged – We recognize the importance of being actively involved with issues and programs that impact our community.
  • Collaborative – We realize that better results are achieved when our communities work together.
  • Resilient – We respond effectively, with flexibility and strength, to inevitable changes in local and global conditions.

Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council

Strategic Plan Summary 2017-2020, updated October 2017

(full plan with benchmarks and task responsibilities is available through the SPAR office)



MISSION: to ensure Historic Springfield is a preferred place to live and do business by leading programs that drive the preservation, revitalization, and balanced growth of our community.







Areas are the big-picture visions for the neighborhood by 2020. They are strategic in nature.

Goals are the specific results we would like to see in each area by 2020. These are designed to be adaptive, and should be adjusted by the Board as the external and internal environment shifts over time to keep the plan responsive and relevant.

I. Internal Systems


By 2020, SPAR will be more effective in meeting its mission because internal systems will be in place and easily understood by organization leaders.



A. Document operations to ensure consistancy in the organization


B. Create Technology Committee and update hardware and software to increase communication and productivity


C. Create volunteer program to add capacity and support the ED and organization

II. Fund Development


By 2020, SPAR will have varied sustainable funding sources and a Board with a culture of philanthropy to support its mission work.



A. Create a fund development plan


B. Actively engage SPAR Board in fundraising and fund development


C. Secure a variety of sustainable funding sources

III. Governance


By 2020, the SPAR Board, as the strategic leadership body of the organization, will invest in resources, training, and human development to strengthen the leadership of the organization.



A. Create and execute Executive Director transition plan


B. Create succession plan


C. Establish processes to alleviate and address conflicts in a respectful and productive manner among Board, staff, and volunteers


D. Consciously build board leadership/officers by creating a succession framework


E. Separate governance (board) and management (staff) responsibilities


F. Increase effectiveness of committees

IV. Diversity


By 2020, Historic Springfield remains diverse and is inclusive of that diversity, measured in neighborhood participation in SPAR activities and events.

"A fundamental goal for the community organizer is that you don't organize people to do something you think should be done; instead you find out what is important to people in the community, and then help them reach their goal" ~Community Tool Box


A. Create a Diversity committtee, sub-committee, or task force


B. Define diversity work


C. Work with target groups to increase diverse participation

V. Neighborhood Growth and Infrastructure


By 2020, Historic Springfield has a vibrant commercial corridor, promotes historic preservation, and provides access to high-quality amenities



A. Develop a vibrant Commercial corridor


B. Increase quality of life for residents


C. Focus on preservation of Historic Springfield

VI. Neighborhood Engagement


By 2020, Springfield is recognized as a diverse, safe neighborhood and draws visitors each year to the neighborhood through special events. Residents and business owners are successful advocates for the neighborhood.



A. Develop messages related to proactive media/online campaigns, responses to critics and fundraising pitches.


B. Plan for identifying and creating advocates


C. Education for residents


D. Keep and grow neighborhood events