Community Meeting - December 2018

Date: 12/4/18
Location: Wells Fargo Community Learning Center (1601 N. Main Street)
Time: 5:30 pm

Kelly Rich, SPAR Executive Director, welcomed the approximate 50 guests to the meeting. Kelly reminded attendees about ways to support the ongoing growth of SPAR; with joining a committee, volunteering, donating, and sharing the positive changes occurring in and around Springfield.

Kelly Rich and Michael Montoya, chair of the Design Review Committee shared that the committee is the liaison between homeowners and the Historic Preservation Commission regarding COAs, Windows, Fences, and Doors, and Code Enforcement. They shared that it’s important to get the word out to neighbors in discussing these historic properties and preserving the fabric of these homes; by maintaining them and becoming more educated on what needs to be done as homeownership continues to grow in the area.

Kelly Rich announced that there will be free-of-charge historic preservation workshops coming in 2019, which will be open first to SPAR members and then to the general public.

Kelly Rich gave a recap on the Residential Revival Project which had over 50 volunteers on the core two days of the project, as well as additional days put in by volunteers. 15 businesses donated their services for the project. Jason Waters, the project manager, and Victor Letourneaut spear-headed the project in large ways to help make it a successful program.

There was an update on new businesses in Springfield; including Fred Cotton’s BBQ, Marvalous Shoes, Ysentricity, Encore Title, Bleu Chocolat Café, Best Dressed Dame, Simply Ke’say, Jacksonville Pediatrics, Bark on Main, and BobbyK Boutique.

Crissie Cudd with Southern Moss Realty gave a real estate update on trends in the neighborhood.

Kelly introduced one of the guest speakers, Justine Conley. Justine is the Associate State Director of AARP Florida. She discussed the AARP Challenge grant and how-to bring value into the neighborhood and community, by creating livable communities. In creating these livable communities, Justine share that the needs of the oldest residents down to the youngest residents will be nurtured. There will be a walk-audit conducted in the Spring with other urban core neighborhoods, and SPAR will share that information once it’s finalized.

Kelly shared that Phase 1 of the Sesquicentennial banners will be on Main Street in the next week. Additionally, $70 sponsored banners are available on our website. Learn more here.

Kelly introduced Steve Long and Bill Joyce with the City of Jacksonville. Bill Joyce, with Public Works, gave an update on the 4th Street Project: Main and Pearl have been undergoing changes for the upkeep and maintenance of the roads. $1.6 million has been set aside and 60% of the design phase has been completed. They are waiting to get to about 90% completion (hopefully by January) to showcase more of the design completion. Trees are a challenge, as well as the recycling of the old bricks/new pavers, and stamped bricks (stamped bricks will be in the plan as an alternative to discuss cost). The main resident concern was contractors not doing a good job on the stamped bricks. The project is projected to take 8 months to 1 year of construction to complete.

Steve Long then spoke on maintenance of the streets (including street cleaning and sidewalk repairs), drainage systems, and clogged plumbing. He shared a video of their vaccon system, which is a combination vacuum/rodder truck to clean the drains.  He asked attendees to call 630-CITY to report any known issues, which acts as their tracking system.

Martin Kennelly, the Historic Preservation Code Inspector for Springfield shared how long he’s been doing inspections in Springfield and what his job entails.

Erika Cline from Bleu Chocolat shared that their grand opening will be on December 11th.

Todd Hollinghead shared that the Holiday Bike Ride will take place on December 18th. Bicyclists should meet at the bandstand in Klutho Park at 6pm.

Tim Hope was working with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for an inmate crew cleaning up the roads along 8th Street before the Holiday Home Tour.

The meeting ended at 7:17pm.

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