Christmas Tree Collaboration Page

Hey Christmas Tree Committee members,

Feel free to use this page to collaborate on ideas. It's going to be awesome to have our own tree!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Christmas tree is back on -- noon Friday 11/30

Committee members--
The Christmas Tree is happening. 
The city has come through with a lift and a driver. The lift will be at Klutho Park at noon on Friday
Between now and then, please do what you can to collect ornaments, bows, garland, or whatever you can get your hands on. You can bring everything to the spar building or bring it to Klutho on Friday.
Since we only have the lift until 3:30, we will start at the top and work our way down. If anyone has any tall ladders, bring them if you can and you can go bottom up. Also, this is my first 30-foot tree to decorate. If anyone has any suggestions on how we should tackle this, please speak up.
I will be down there at around 11:30 to try and get a game plan together. 

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Andrew K. Macris


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Setting up

Hey everyone,

We've moved the date to Friday afternoon. How many of you will be around to help?


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Lights and Decorations

A really nice guy approached us this afternoon while we were putting lights on the bandstand. He had boxes of ornaments for the tree. I have them in my car and will leave them at the SPAR office tomorrow. And I spoke with Lane this evening and she said she will drop the lights off at the SPAR office tomorrow too. The city took care of making sure we have enough power and I have the extension cords. It's going to be awesome!!

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Hey everyone!

Do we have any updates on the lift?


Also, when would be a good day for everyone to meet up and help out? I was thinking Tuesday, the 27th. Does that work for everyone?


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Regarding the city and power.

I have already been in touch with Darryl regarding the lights in Klutho Park. We are planning on 20,000 white lights. This will go along Boulevard around to the Bandstand. We have power and for this however it may not be enough to power much more. We have to run cords tree to tree. It may overload the circuit. They are getting us a new key to the bandstand as the old key no longer works. I thought I would share this before you contacted Darryl since he is already aware of the lighting of the park and performers in the bandstand. He may question if we are communicating as a group. Thanks!!

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Thank you Lane Manis

For your contribution of 3,000 lights for the tree!!!!

Anyone else got anything good? We can store everything at the Spar building until we put it up.

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Did we ever find a lift?

We should probably follow up with Darryl at the city again. Laura, can you take this on since you have a good relationship with him?

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