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I support Spar because I see the potential for the neighborhood, and I see Spar as a vital link between neighbors, government and other civic institutions. 

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    I think we all more or less agreed that board meetings were starting at 5:30. Everything else looks good to me.
  • Christmas tree is back on -- noon Friday 11/30

    Committee members--
    The Christmas Tree is happening. 
    The city has come through with a lift and a driver. The lift will be at Klutho Park at noon on Friday
    Between now and then, please do what you can to collect ornaments, bows, garland, or whatever you can get your hands on. You can bring everything to the spar building or bring it to Klutho on Friday.
    Since we only have the lift until 3:30, we will start at the top and work our way down. If anyone has any tall ladders, bring them if you can and you can go bottom up. Also, this is my first 30-foot tree to decorate. If anyone has any suggestions on how we should tackle this, please speak up.
    I will be down there at around 11:30 to try and get a game plan together. 

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    Andrew K. Macris


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    So I don’t need to go out and buy a generator for the tree? Dang, I had justification!
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    I reached out to Rivers Pest Control to see if they could donate their lift. I’m expecting a call back from a Debbie.
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    Hi Trong, yes, so long as its during business hours, someone will be there. I’d reach out to Lorrae to see what her plan is.
  • Did we ever find a lift?

    We should probably follow up with Darryl at the city again. Laura, can you take this on since you have a good relationship with him?

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    Public Comment Test
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    The alley behind the old jeep place on fourth and main could use a trimming. Fairly overgrown.

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    Spar and SAMBA Join Forces

    Strengthening Community and Business Through Partnership

    Springfield Preservation and Revitalization (SPAR) and Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association (SAMBA) are proud to announce an on-going partnership, with SAMBA becoming an affiliate of SPAR as of September 2012.

    Both organizations share the mission of facilitating a revitalized Springfield historic district, on our residential streets and our commercial corridors alike. In an effort to provide the best possible services and representation to the community, SPAR and SAMBA will share talent and resources, ideas and energy, while maintaining autonomy.

    In 1974, SPAR was formed by neighborhood advocates coming together to meet common goals, and almost three decades later, SAMBA was established to help meet the needs of local businesses. We feel that by working together, we better position ourselves to pursue activities and policy beneficial to our growing neighborhood.

    We look forward to engaging with residents and the business community to move our diverse and unique community forward, and appreciate your support.

    The SPAR and SAMBA Board of Directors

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    Join the Alley Task Force

    Join the Alley Task Force and help keep our alleys clean and functioning.

    Become a volunteer

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    Get Involved

    Historic Springfield is Jacksonville's oldest neighborhood, founded in 1869. Through the years, we've seen good times and bad. Today's resurgence is largely due to the spirit of engagement you'll find among our residents.

    Whether it's a community improvement project, advocating to our elected representatives, or planning the next fun event, we're always working to make the neighborhood a better place to live, work and play. Through our own Committees and partners, we help coordinate efforts that make a difference. 

    Want to get involved?

    There are dozens of ways you can help out, by joining SPAR, volunteering on a committee, or attending one of the Community Meetings or Events. There's always room for one more!  

    Want to get involved but not sure how?

    Just send us an email and we'll get you in the loop: [email protected]






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    Why become a Member?

    Because SPAR is made up of your friends, neighbors, and local businesses who work to make a positive difference in our community. Because you support the forward momentum that we've helped to achieve over the past 40 years. Because we listen to our community, then set our priorities. Because we represent Springfield's interests when you can't be there. Because we dig civic advocacy and detail. Because we provide valuable services to residents. And because you get a free sticker.

    Join today  |  Ask a question

    Are you a business owner in the area? Join SAMBA.

My wife Erin and I moved to the historic district in April of 2007. We live at the corner of 6th and Market along with our daughter London, our soon-to-be-born son Gray and our three dogs, Ory, Titus and Zeus.