Update to Main Street Detour - June 2016

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) under an emergency closure intends to replace the Main Street Culvert over Hogans Creek. This segment of Main Street, near the intersection of Orange Street, has been closed since May 2016.


As part of FDOT's approach to protect and rehabilitate this National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)-eligible structure, the proposed plan is to remove the concrete bridge railings and decorative elements of the culvert (e.g., urns, obelisks, caps, etc.) which constitute the architectural significance of the structure. This is the same approach currently being used on the Hubbard Street Bridge, also a historic structure in Springfield, with the exception that the bridge railing walls were left in place. In advance of the upcoming construction project and in view of the significance of this resource, FDOT will develop special provisions to ensure the protection of these elements during the rehabilitation of the structure in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Officer.

Prior to beginning construction work, the bridge will be subject to a 3D laser scan survey to provide a precise record of its current condition. The railings and the decorative elements will be protected by being removed from the bridge and stored at a secure, off-site location within the city limits of Jacksonville. These decorative elements will be restored off-site and will be returned and reinstalled on the bridge once major construction has been completed. A second 3D laser scan will be conducted prior to final acceptance of the restoration work. These laser scan surveys will be used to ensure that the concrete railings were protected and the decorative elements are replaced in their original location and that the overall rehabilitation work has maintained the original details of the bridge.

The conservation goal is to preserve the historic elements and character of the bridge, to repair deficiencies associated with the preserved historic elements, and to improve the appearance and condition of the bridge, sustaining its continued use.

The project timeline will be known once a contractor has been hired by FDOT.

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