Temporary Closure of W. 8th Street

W. 8th Street between Laura and Silvers Streets will be closed due to construction starting Tuesday, June 28th.


The purpose of the road closure is allow Operation New Hope's new multifamily project at 122 W. 8th Street, The Dozier Apartments, to tie into the storm water drainage systems and other utilities. JB Underground Inc is the contractor on this project. The detour route will guide traffic along W. 7th Street for one block, before being directed back to W. 8th Street. Contractors have gone door to door passing out fliers for every house that is along the detour route. The work is projected to be completed between July 18th – August 1st. Once the road is opened, the condition and exact location of the utilities will be assessed, which will dictate the length of work.

Please direct questions regarding the road closure to:

David Eiss, JB Underground -  (904) 624-0994
Bob Shannon, Acon Construction - (912) 674-5461


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