SPECIAL Board Meeting - 1/30/17

Monday, January 30, 2017
6:30 pm, at the SPAR Office

Present: Todd Hollinghead, Vice President
Aaron Glick, Secretary, Jack Adams, Jaimee Stewart, Tim Hope, Joey Marchy, Jamie Toraason, Ellen Warring, Bill Hoff, Ex Officio

Not Present: Michelle Tappouni, President, Charles Garrison, Yolanda Copeland

Staff/Resources Present: Christina Parrish, Executive Director, Kevin O’Halloran

Guests: Sonar and Stephanie Acar, Joy Lee, Lane Manis, Michael Trauttman, Ed Conner, Kirk and Claire Fraley, Nick Thompson, Doug Vanderlaan

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Todd Hollinghead at 6:30 pm.


Summary of proposed changes (COJ legislative bills 2017-36, 2017-68, and 2017-69) to the Overlay presented by Christina Parrish.

Discussion on the impact to the existing Zoning Overlay and Neighborhood.

Discussion on next steps including forming a position statement and publishing the schedule of public meetings where input may be provided.


MOTION to oppose the bills on the grounds that the recommended changes to the Springfield Zoning Overlay and Historic District Regulations were drafted without appropriate community input; are unnecessary; are unfairly applied; and are potentially harmful to future development of the historic district. Further, the proposed changes do not accomplish the stated goal of the settlement agreement, which is to protect the rights of disabled citizens to live wherever they choose in Jacksonville. Instead, the effect of the agreement is to single out Springfield to be the default and de facto area in Jacksonville for disabled housing, APPROVED.

Facebook Event page to be created.

Community wide SPAR email update to be sent out to Members, on Schedule, SPAR’s position, and how to provide input to City Council.

ADJOURN - Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm.