Sesquicentennial Mosaic

SPAR is commemorating the history of Springfield and the 150th anniversary of its establishment with the installation of the Sesquicentennial Mosaic, a large seven-panel mural designed by RouxArt, a public art collaborative based in Springfield.

Working in partnership with SPAR and local community members, RouxArt founders, Kate and Kenny Rouh, designed the mosaic to highlight historically significant landmarks and events in Springfield. “So many community people have participated in this project, and we are grateful and appreciative for their commitment,” said Kate. At least a hundred people have had their hands on the mosaic as it was being made.”

Imagery depicted in the mosaic includes:

Trolley on Main Street – During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, streetcars were common in Springfield, and trolley tracks ran down the middle of Main Street into downtown.

Big Jim Whistle – Big Jim, a copper steam whistle on top of the JEA building on Main Street, came to Jacksonville in the early 1890s and still sounds four times a day. Big Jim warned Jacksonville residents of the Great Fire of 1901 and blew throughout the entire day because of the scope of the fire.

Bucket Brigade – A citizen’s brigade stayed the Great Fire of 1901 from spreading across Hogan’s Creek and reaching into Springfield.

Mary Dillon Fountain – The Mary Dillon Fountain was erected in Confederate Park in 1907 in honor of one of the early founders of the Springfield Improvement Association

Rose –The Rose Arbor, which has been lovingly restored by local volunteers, is a beautiful arch tunnel in Confederate Park.

Water Tower – The elevated Water Works and Electric water tower was at one time Springfield’s most visible and iconic landmarks.

SPAR’s Sesquicentennial Logo – The SPAR logo is based on the prairie cross motif commonly found on homes designed by Henry John Klutho, a Jacksonville-based architect known for his work in the Prairie School style.

"It has been a pleasure to work alongside JEA and RouxArt on the Sesquicentennial Mosaic project," said Kelly Rich, SPAR Executive Director. "It's vital to celebrate how far the neighborhood has come while simultaneously looking forward to the future and to the next 150 years of Historic Springfield."

This acquisition was possible thanks to SPAR and a matching grant from JEA. SPAR raises funds every year during Jacksonville PorchFest to install public art in the Springfield Historic District. This year’s PorchFest, a free music festival held on the welcoming front porches of Historic Springfield, will take place on November 9th. In previous years, SPAR has purchased and installed sculptures in Klutho Park and the "Welcome to Springfield" landmark mural at the intersection of 1st & Main Streets.

The Springfield Preservation & Revitalization Council (SPAR) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the historic character, facilitating investment, and building community in the Springfield Historic District.


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