Hyperion Brewing Company on Main Street


A message from Hyperion Brewing Company:

Hyperion Brewing Company has chosen to lease 1740/1744 N Main Street from Petra Realty. 

Like many breweries in Jacksonville, the mix between the light manufacturing of beer and serving directly to consumers through our taproom requires a special zoning with the City. The property is currently zoned CCG-S (Commercial Springfield) and we would like to change it to a PUD (Planned Unit Development). We will maintain the structure and current facade of the space. The only renovations will be to the interior of the property. Our business is built on freedom of choice, meaning we want to serve you a beer that you'd like to drink while opening your mind and taste buds to new flavors and styles. 
It was with careful consideration that we choose to move into Springfield and we look forward to becoming apart of the community there. We would be grateful to all who can show their support throughout our rezoning process and we'll communicate more details on how you can support soon. 

Alexandra McKeown

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