Volunteer Spotlight: Mallik Singareddy

For our most recent Volunteer Spotlight, we interviewed Mallik Singareddy.

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

Mallik Singareddy was born and raised in India, moved to Jacksonville, and has lived in Historic Springfield for 13 years.

What kind of volunteer work have you done in Springfield?

I have been volunteering on two SPAR boards: the finance committee (for over a year) and asset management committee, which also includes the SPAR building restoration.

What has been your favorite event where you've volunteered?
Restoration of Historic houses is my passion. I enjoy volunteering my time working on the SPAR building project. I hope to see it brought back to its former glory in the near future.

What inspired you to volunteer with SPAR?

I had learned about SPAR when I first moved to Springfield and was trying to find out more about the history of my new home. I was fascinated by historic homes in the neighborhood and a very special community that welcomed me and my family to the Springfield. As we settled in the area, I felt the need to give something back to help our community to further flourish.

What advice do you have for others who might be apprehensive to put themselves out there?  

Our Historic District is about a square mile. Please stop by at one of the restaurants, breweries, or coffee shops in the neighborhood or attend one of the SPAR meetings. It’s fun and you will make more friends than ever.

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

It surprised me at first, but not anymore. Every person who lives here wants the neighborhood to flourish and retain its glory. People in the community are what it make it amazing; everyone has one common goal and have the best interest of our community at heart.

Where are your fellow neighbors most likely to find you when you're out and about in Historic Springfield?

I live in the neighborhood and my office is here, as well. When I am out and about, most likely I could be found supervising one of my running projects in Springfield or in the evening, relaxing at one of the breweries.


Thank you, Mallik, for all you have done and continue to do! 

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