Volunteer Spotlight: Jason Waters

20180327_175114_1_2.jpgJason Waters came to Springfield looking for a community he could become engaged with, and he found it.

* * *

He hasn't lived here a full year yet, but Jason Waters has thrown himself headfirst into the deep well of volunteer opportunities found in the Springfield Historic District. Waters, who moved to Springfield from a sterile Arlington neighborhood cul-de-sac in May of 2017, says neighbors didn't interact with each other very much there. Since the move, he has seized the opportunity to get engaged with the Springfield community.

"It's all really just to support the neighborhood, to see improvements," Waters says of his motivation. "I'm one of those people who would rather do for others than myself. I've got the time, so why not pitch in?"

Jason has pitched in quite a bit in his short time as a Springfield resident, including participating in various neighborhood clean ups, creek and park clean beautification projects, donating supplies, attending SPAR community meetings and volunteering at events like Jacksonville PorchFest. 

"I have more tools than any one man should have," Waters remarks. "And I recently purchased a backpack leaf blower just for cleanups and other beautification efforts in the neighborhood. I start right here on my block."

Jason looks forward to continuing his volunteer efforts, and would especially like to put his skills (and tools) to use fixing up less advantaged neighbors' homes. "I've seen projects where neighbors get together and help repair or improve the house of resident who can't do it themselves. That's one thing I haven't done yet and look forward to."

His message for others in the Springfield Historic District?

"Use me and abuse me! I'm always ready to volunteer for a good cause."

For information about volunteer opportunities with SPAR and other community organizations in the Springfield area, contact the SPAR office at 904.353.7727 or [email protected]