Summer 2015 Community Meeting

Date: 7/28/15 @ 6pm

Location: Robert F Kennedy Community Center

The purpose of this meeting was to support residents engaging in the local SHADCO meeting (monthly) and to discuss crime and safety concerns in the community.


The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office's Lieutenant John Lamb was present and introduced himself as the new SHADCO chair for our area (Zone 1, Sector B). Residents discussed various issues in the neighborhood and how to best address these issues with JSO's assistance.

JSO suggests that residents contact the non-emergency number, 904.630.0500, for any suspicious activity observed, and to contact 911 should any emergencies be observed. The more calls to JSO the better, for addressing crime issues. JSO also highlighted that many recent vehicle "break ins" are actually residents accidentally leaving their car doors unlocked, and people seizing a crime of opportunity to take any visible items. This problem has been city wide. Discussion of the lack of law enforcement resources was held, in part due to budget cuts during the past Mayoral administration. JSO is expected to hire dozens of new police officers this year to help address the shortfall. Lastly, JSO noted that attending SHADCO meetings to communicate directly with our local law enforcement patrol officers, and to fill out crime investigation forms for any concerns residents have, is a great way to hold JSO accountable in addressing issues that community members may have.

A pitch for the SPAR Public Safety Fund was also made (program that pays off-duty officers to target sketchy activity), as well as a reinvigorating the SPAR Block Captains program (neighborhood watch/volunteer group).

About 70 people attended the SHADCO meeting, which ended about 7:30pm

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