Springfield Stories: A Corner Attraction


Authored by Lily Hinz

If you ever find yourself on Market Street at its intersection with East 6th Street, you will notice a pristine, colorful and fun landscape outside a charming yellow duplex. If you are fortunate enough to drive by around the time of a holiday, you will likely take pause to marvel at and snap a quick picture of the décor there. Heather Bishop and Jennifer Ramsey work tirelessly on their themed decorations for holidays, while also maintaining their standard landscaping year round.

image2.jpgHeather moved to Springfield 3.5 years ago, and was a full-time caretaker for her sick mother. Landscaping and outdoor decorations became her one and only creative outlet, or escape. Since then, she has kept at it consistently. “Peoples's reactions, excitement and encouragement are what really kept me going,” Heather said. “My favorite theme so far is this year’s Memorial Day display. There was a soldier who slammed on his brakes, and through tears he thanked me for creating such a beautiful and accurate display to honor the fallen.”

Heather and Jennifer, the “brains and the brawn” respectively, typically spend 12 hours a day for about a week working each new theme. “We make everything—do the painting, planting, and constructing,” said Jennifer. “Heather gives me the vision and then we go from there. Everything has to be perfect before we put it out.”

They use raw materials or every day items, such as a yoga ball as the base of the melting snowman, for example, to make each individual prop. Heather constructs elaborate plans after research and careful consideration.

After more than three years of people stopping by and asking Heather if she can come do landscaping designs in their yards, Heather has taken a big step and acquired a business license to start her new venture Beyond the Scape.

“I am inspired by all the positive feedback, and I want to help local people make their yards welcoming and unique,” said Heather.

Be on the lookout for what Heather and Jennifer have in store for the upcoming holiday season, and also for more information about Beyond the Scape as it makes its debut!

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If any local storefronts are interested in using some of Heather's props for their displays, feel free to contact her at [email protected]