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    Purchase Patrons Party 2019 Tickets Here

    Tickets for the 2019 PorchFest Patrons Party are $75 - food and drinks (beer and wine) are included. 


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    Off-Duty Officer Fund - Single Donation

    The Off-Duty Officer Fund pays for additional police patrol coverage in our neighborhood during certain times of year when criminal activity in Jacksonville usually trends upward, such as summers and holidays. We also have the ability to direct our off-duty officers to target specific concerns or locations reported by residents, if needed. This service is in addition to the regular police patrol coverage in our area. The Off-Duty Officer Fund is 100% funded by neighbors and community partners. Questions? Let us know. Thank you for donating below!

    Residents may also wish to attend monthly Sheriffs Watch meetings, where they meet with local law enforcement to discuss any concerns, ask questions and share information.  Our area's Sheriff Watch meetings are the third Tuesday of the each month, 6pm, on the second floor of the Robert F Kennedy Community Center (1133 Ionia Street).


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    Make a General Donation

    Want to get involved? Short of your time, your money is the next best thing.

    Donations to SPAR Council are 100% tax deductible, and will be put to good use. Please know this form is for general donations, and will be invested on the most pressing need. To donate to the Public Safety Fund specifically, click here.