JTA Improvements to Springfield Bus Stops


JTA will be making changes to bus stops in Springfield over the next several months, beginning next week.

Federal law requires that all bus stops comply with the American Disabilities Act, and several Springfield stops and shelters are currently non-compliant. JTA is working with all of Jacksonville's historic districts to design a bus shelter that will comply with the ADA and complement the architecture of our neighborhoods. These new shelters will be installed in the Fall of this year.  In connection with the ADA mandated changes, JTA has also completed a study analyzing ridership at various stops which will result in the elimination of several shelters. Shelters at First and Main and Fourth and Main will be removed next week.  There may be temporary lane closures near these stops which should only last for a few days.  

During this time, the stops will be regraded to comply with the ADA; pavers will be replaced and bicycle racks will be retained. In connection with this project, SPAR has requested and JTA has agreed to provide a number of significant improvements to all of Springfield's bus stops.  All of the concrete trash cans located at bus stops will be removed and replaced with more attractive black metal cans, and additional black metal cans will be added.  All of these cans will be serviced by JTA.  Concrete benches will be replaced with black strap metal benches.  All bus stop advertising will be eliminated.  You may see temporary concrete benches at several stops during the construction phase, as new metal benches are currently being fabricated.  

We will provide updates as we receive them from JTA.  Meanwhile, please contact SPAR if you have questions or comments. Thank you!

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