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    Make a Donation

    Donations to SPAR Council are 100% tax deductible and go towards the programs, activities and efforts that preserve and build community in the Springfield Historic District community.

    The form on this page is for general donations to SPAR, and will be allocated to the most pressing need.

    To donate to the Off-Duty Officer Fund specifically, choose either a one-time donation or a reoccuring donation.


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    Purchase Membership

    Purchase your membership to SPAR here. Memberships are valid for one year.

    • Individual Membership = $25 per year
    • Household Membership = $40 per year
      (Household memberships allow up to 2 people, so please let us know the other person you would like on your membership)

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    Just made a donation to SPAR. My $250 #GivingTuesday matching donation for our Nonprofit. Thx to everyone who donated!

    Make a General Donation

    Want to get involved? Short of your time, your money is the next best thing.

    Donations to SPAR Council are 100% tax deductible, and will be put to good use. Please know this form is for general donations, and will be invested on the most pressing need. To donate to the Public Safety Fund specifically, click here.


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