Board Meeting - 9/21/15

Date: September 21, 2015
Location/Time: SPAR Office/ 6:00 pm

Participants: Bill Hoff, President Jack Adams
Michelle Tappouni, Vice President Margaret Conner
Aaron Glick, Secretary Jeff Fountain
Christina Parish, Executive Director Todd Hollinghead
Melanie Messer
Jaimee Smith

Guests: Charles Garrison, Wells Fargo

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:10pm. He welcomed all members and guests.

August 2015 Minutes
Unanimously approved by the Board.
Financial Review
Summary to be sent out at a later time by Treasurer (attached)
Urban Core CPAC Report
Michelle Tappouni is the Urban Core CPAC Rep for SPAR.
Street sweeping test program and drainage challenges in the neighborhood raised at the meeting.
Old Business and Committee Reports
Development/Membership Committee
Event Review – September’s wine and cheese event went well
Next new resident wine and cheese event to be in January – Michellle Tappouni to host
Governance Committee
Proposed by-laws changes: New governance committee to meet and make recommendations to full Board
Board of Director’s Candidates: Board to identify and review any new BOD candidates for 2015 -2016
Design Review Committee (attachment)
5 new SF homes under construction in the neighborhood, COAs reviewed
1551 Boulevard (roof) – owner proposing simulated tile roof, barrel vault - 1551 Boulevard is formally seeking a
retroactive COA for roof tile replacement, which was previously denied by HPC, informally
1634 Ionia (demo) - DRC recommended demo of the rear addition only, and mothballing the main body of the
structure, as described as an option by HPC staff
Building Committee
Building maintenance: Back door lock fixed, AC quote from Thompson Heating and Air, Pest control service
scheduled for Thursday October 1, 2015.
Block Captains Committee
Public Safety Fund: Payments to off-duty officer program ended in August, $4,000 left in the fund.
Bill Hoff will distribute las activity record of the Officers via email to Board as requested (before future officers
are scheduled.)
Next steps: Defer to next month
Updates on Projects/Task Forces
Building Evaluation
Real Estate Committee will report on progress at October meeting.
Main Street Beautification Proposal
RFP assembled and ready to be distributed to potential service providers
New JEA Wells in Springfield
List of potential sites to be compiled and mapped on non-residential lots throughout the neighborhood, will
provide to full Board to make a formal recommendation.
Traffic Study Follow Up
Defer update till after Wednesday, Sept. 23rd meeting with Jim Robinson, Director of Public Works
Sign Ordinance Changes
Seeking a meeting with Councilman Reggie Gaffney
Commercial Corridor Banners
Design in limbo, still need to communicate with Crux Collective
Springfield Shirts
Shirts are all paid for, no finalized design yet
Community First Saturday in November will be a huge PorchFest promotional push. Bold City is the beer
sponsor. Alcohol sales revenue will be a donation or a % of sales. No cost to SPAR.
Annual Community Meeting
November 12, 2015 – Paul Davis Restoration. Content of meeting to be decided.
Executive Director’s Report
Report attached for more detailed review.
Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

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