Board Meeting - 7/21/14

Participants: Bill Hoff - President Michelle Tappouni – 2 nd VP Ken Paulk - Treasurer Aaron Glick Jack Adams Melanie Messer Christina Parrish

Guests: Malik and Marianne ___? John Fabiano

AGENDA: The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:05pm. He welcomed all members and guests. 

Meeting Minutes  June 2014 MEETING and May minutes provided and circulated by Jolee at last meeting, Jolee will be back in town end of week of the 28th . o Minutes approved unanimously

Financial Review  Proposal to purchase new QuickBooks software. Ken wants to update QuickBooks from 2007 version – Christina noted software should cost between between $300 to $500. o Discussion – which new software installation is most appropriate on the new computer? o SPAR has one gateway laptop computer. JoAnn donated one Dell laptop computer. Motion to approve up to $350 for new QuickBooks version, Board approved unanimously.  Ken to meet with Adam Valiani re: Finance training o Review of the Budget - October 1, 2013 to today – rent cash flow breaking even  Income - $1,000 from Eventbrite (tour), Bill pays website hosting monthly fee of $24

EPIC Grants – Next Steps  Bike Racks o Deadline is July 21, 2014 for applications, 2 applications have been accepted, Bill to confirm if more received by mail o Bike Rack applications flow directly to Jolee  Banners o Michelle to take point on banners; following up on comments from board members for neighborhood graphic artists to have input with design, coordinate with Christina.  A sit down to review design proposals will occur within the next couple of Board meeting cycles.  Grant extended to end of year, design to be solidified by end of August  UF Health to review design before funding their portion of grant  Michelle to have design to printer by end of Sept, o Pole repair process unclear with City, Michelle spoke to manager of Events, will circle back to her this week - review timeline of items before end of grant.  Michelle to call Terry Lorince (DVI) to get banner navigation advice  Follow up with PRI.

Sign Ordinance Update  Michelle – Doug Nichols asked about opening up overlay to address issue about parking on sidewalks, time sign ordinance while addressing other overlay issues( based on suggestion from J.McEachin,  Side note - question about legality of sidewalk parking. Discussion - blocking of sidewalks  Overlay issue vs Enforcement. Michelle to follow up with Joel McEachin.

City Council’s Blight Committee: Impact on SPR  Email from CM Crescembini states “no impact at all in Springfield.”  Ordinance 2014-427, Michelle – ‘historic designation’ left up to interpretation. Ordinance states non-historic boarded up for more than 2 years, will be demolished. Board needs definition of ‘Historic’ – o Michelle concerned the bill could have unintended consequences in the historic district.  Christina – suggested adding a phrase of exemption because ordinance too broad.  Aaron – met with Kay Ehas’ task force, Presentation to Blight Committee to occur Friday, July 25th  Discussion – blight and city wide effort, wording in bill – concerns, require the city to demolish, mothballing conflicts?, Bill – should SPAR have an opinion? Ken – suggested adding a statement, Christina – volunteered to craft narrow statement – clear and specific –Jack in favor of narrow statement, Michelle – SPAR and SAMBA committee work still relevant, open dialogue and input needed – Aaron – suggested adding an economic phrase to statement. Task Force will make a broader economic presentation, no economic statement needed from SPAR Board.  Public Comment Tuesday 5 pm. Ken – Send an email, Christina- drafted statement during meeting, sent to Board for approval via Email after the meeting. Unanimously Approved.

Building Roof and HVAC maintenance & replacement plan –  Replace HVAC cost ( unit past due by several years) – $7300,  Roof repairs – $1,000, JoAnn – two issues should be coordinated, pay from general fund not in building reserve – keep reserve up for other things.  Ken – 2 units, one on roof not bolted down (possible liability), one on first floor. Tenants could be affected. Suggestion to replace unit then roof repairs. Michelle – uncomfortable with spending money on working unit. Ken - same. Other board members in agreement.  Discussion - Replacing HVACs now vs $$ reserved for that purpose. Ken – suggested to repair roof now $800 – $1,000+, reserve the amount, if cost to repair is more than $1,000 we will move forward and replace. Board already voted to move monies into reserve account, $200 monthly for both roof and HVAC into capital improvement fund. Michelle- commented that there had been a prior vote to increase amount into Capital Improvement fund. o Michelle – Suggested Board should get comparative quote for HVAC replacement.  Jack/Christina - Motion to approve up to $1,000 for roof repair, approved unanimously  Christina/Michelle – motion to get a second HVAC quote, approved unanimously - HVAC amount for replacement to be voted on next meeting.  Michelle – thanked JoAnn for all of her work on these issues.

Groundwork JAX Update  Christina - NPS approved feasibility study Monday July 14th, Big announcement to come – big event with City to occur within next couple months.  Executive Director to be hired soon.  Transition from steering committee to Board, taking suggestions for Board Members, meeting with expert on greenway trails and S –line from DIA or City for possible tour of S-line connection with Riverwalk, Christina needs someone to go in her place. Aaron as possible alternative. – July 30th – 10:00 am. Aaron to confirm, Kevin White as alternate.

PorchFest Update  Porchfest approved unanimously by Board as an event for November 8.  Christina reports great neighborhood response, meeting with Tony Alegretti and Councilman Gaffney to occur proposed budget and sponsorship levels distributed.  Confederate Park – Festival location to include local business, local acoustic music.  Route - Hubbard, 4th, then Market  Musical Committee meeting on Wednesday, July 23rd – musicians will be paid. Fundraising goal – cultural programs in SPR> broadly art and/or music related. First year goal – raise awareness and build a great program. Marketing and Branding – purpose is to bring people into the neighborhood for high class event and wide appeal. Cultural Council may give grants in the future.  Intent that Jacksonville Porchfest only occur in SPR hist. district.  First Neighborhood Party – fundraiser and share information – solicit volunteers  Week of event – Patrons Party – Thurs before event. Nov 8th  Christina – presented budget of $1000 for marketing and fundraising. Musicians will be paid – sponsors will cover most of talent cost.  Motion by Ken - approve Porchfest funding of $1000, funds that raised over and above $1000 placed in a restricted fund for cultural and arts activities and programing in the SPR neighborhood. Aaron seconded. Board approved unanimously.  Melanie – will in-kind food from neighborhood sponsors be available, Christine – People will buy food at event and in neighborhood. Jack – what is the liability, insurance responsibilities? Porchfest Committee will investigate and report back to Board. Fall

Community Meeting  Purpose - How can Springfield be more effective working with COJ on neighborhood issues? Christina and COJ rep to brainstorm how to improve communicative relationship. COJ rep willing to moderate a meeting with other SPR organizations about how City works, how organizations communicate to residents, solicits info from residents; communicate back to residents, etc. o Jack, JoAnn, Ken – concern meeting will not be productive. Roundtable meeting with heads of other organizations is needed. Bill - annual meeting in November, will NOT be a part of that. Timing? End of September suggested. o Shared frustrations, board interest - bring residents not currently affiliated; bring positive groups and members – Mommies group, Sustainable Springfield. COJ rep endorsed as an expert moderator and subject matter expert. Possible dates: check back with Kerri September 25th or 18th. Wells Fargo location could be a venue.

New Board Members  November annual membership meeting is the time for new elections. We need more individuals with specific skill sets on the Board. o Adam Valiani and Ken to meet. Currently there are 10 Board members, up to 15 allowed. Ken and JoAnn are terming out. Jack to report back who’s rolling off and status of all members. o A board member who’s been in the neighborhood for a while is ideal. Aaron – suggested volunteer coordinator type, Bill – suggested an IT person, (Jeff) a membership spearhead o Jack – Board should ID specific skills and recruit.

Miscellaneous  Ken – Office coverage concerns – Consider hiring part time administrative person, have human presence for SPAR. Christina - part time Executive Director could pursue grants, ‘chase down issues’. Discussion - Part time vs full time. o Discussion - Funding for possible Ex Director. Michelle – some individuals run multiple organizations. o Jack – concerted effort to be more organized, leadership, book keeping skills. Bill states JoAnn wants discussion on a paid employee. 

John Fabiano – Tonight’s meeting not posted on My Springfield website. 

Take Two, Inc. – concerns about second chance felons, discussion on zoning and number of residents. SPAR will make a statement if and when a rezoning issue crops up.

Meeting adjourned at 7:59pm.

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