Board Meeting - 6/16/14

Participants:       Michelle Tappouni, Bill Hoff, JoLee Gardner, Joann Tredennick, Aaron Glick, Jack Adams, Melanie Messer, Christina Parrish

Guests: Councilmember Lumb, Jean and Tony Ricardo – artists, Chris Farley, Crissie Cudd, Adam Halstead 


The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:05pm.  He welcomed all members and guests.

Guest Presentations

Councilmember Lumb spoke about the “Lien Reduction Policy.”  He has been working on this for the last 18 months. The policy will do 3 things –

1. Creates certainty on the amount of the lien reduction.

2. Lien subordination – this will be standard policy (Special Policy 8)

3. Partial lien release – a property owner has multiple properties that are included in a lien/reduction process which is attached to the current properties. If the property owner satisfies a portion of the lien/reduction process, specific properties within a group could be sold or renovated as a way to meet the obligations of the process. In addition, there will also be two companion documents – an escrow agreement and a stipulation agreement. There will be no option for lien reduction without escrow agreement and approval. 


Additional discussion focused on Springfield properties, condemned properties, mothballed houses.  NEED HELP WITH THE ACTION ITEM.  My notes are not very good – did Councilmember Lumb ask SPAR to pass a resolution? If so, to do what? I also had notes that said we would provide a list of properties that meet this status along with contact information on the owners?   


Tony Ricardo – Jacksonville Artist.  Proposing a murals project in Springfield. Provided a brochure to show the types of murals he paints and examples of his work. The price for the murals is about $25 per square ft (plus prep work costs) and can be painted on block or brick walls. Mr. Ricardo doesn’t have any funding yet to do a mural in Springfield but would like to get the word out that he is available to do this.  The next step would be to provide his information to the individuals within community that might want a mural painted on their building.


Meeting minutes - The May meeting minutes were distributed at this meeting and also mailed to the Board for review and approval.   The minutes will be voted on at the July Board Meeting.


Financials – There was no financial report as Ken was not present. 

  • Adam Valani will help Ken with SPAR financial paperwork. This will begin shortly when Ken is available.   


Community Meeting – July 19, 2014 Paul Davis Restoration on Liberty Street – Anticipate 75 to 80 people. There will be 3 speakers; general announcements; membership table; sale of SPAR signs; refreshments.


July 4th Event – Christina is handling the city permits; Eric Adloff is handling the posters; Sean Peppers fixed the fountain; Ball game starts at 5pm.


Gas Tax projects in SPR – Per a meeting with JTA and Dr. Gaffney; there may be money available for work on Main Street (from Downtown to the Trout River); SPAR suggested the following –

1.            Pedestrian access across Main Street (where it is currently restricted)

2.            Pedestrian crossing signs.

3.            Add more bus stop/shelters

4.            Trash cans

5             Bike racks

6.            Sidewalks to be upgraded and maintained.

Next step would be to complete a windshield tour of the neighborhood to identify exact locations for improvement.


Sign Ordinance

  • Michelle to find out what the status is.

EPIC grant updates

  • Waiting on information from LISC and ONH on whether the two grants have been extended to the end of the year.



  • No report on membership
  • Several neighbors have expressed an interest in volunteering in the parks.  John Fabiano has agreed to chair this committee. He will be back in town mid to end of July and we will discuss the purpose and logistics of the committee at that time.

Building Update – increase deposits into building reserve for the roof and AC- vote needed for this topic; to be discussed at the July meeting.


Alleys – proposal to use inmates to maintain the alleys.  Harry Regan will organize.  Used them previously to clean –up trash, cut grass etc.  Board requested more information.  Vote on this at a later date.


Blight Committee Language (Denise Lee) – Per Councilman Lumb – this will be addressed in committee.


Great Race – Request from SIAA to fund 2 Porta Potties to have on Main Street. A motion was made by Jack and 2nd by Bill.  The request was approved. 


New Fall Event & Fundraiser – Porch Fest – Per Christina. The event is proposed for November 8, 2014. The concept is to have “bands” play on people’s front porches for a period of two to three hours.  People can walk around the area and listen to the bands.  Any money that is raised would go into a fund to support cultural events.  The committee is requesting seed money from SPAR to help start the festival.  Seed money would be repaid.  ACTION: SPAR requested that Christina bring a plan to the next meeting with the details of this event and how much money is needed and how it would be spent.


Ability Housing Project - Appeal

  • July 17, 2014 is the meeting date.
  • This is an appeal of the interpretation of the overlay regulations.
  • The meeting will be on the 1st floor (Training room) of the Ed Ball Building (214 Hogan Street)
  • This topic will be one of the items on the agenda
  • Meeting begins at 1pm and will go until it is finished, likely 3 or 4 pm.
  • Aaron to find out the details of the process and send an email to the board with the information.


  • JEA plans to remove some tree limbs and also do a presentation on “right tree/right space”. Bill waiting to hear back from JEA on a date to make a presentation to the community.
  • Jack will send the by-laws to the Board to review changes.  This will be done via email.  Need to determine if the membership is required to vote on the changes.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.


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