Board Meeting - 6/15/15

Participants:  Christina Parish, Executive Director, Bill Hoff, President, Michelle Tappouni, Vice President, Aaron Glick, Secretary, Jeff Fountain, JoLee Gardner, Todd Hollinghead, Melanie Messer, Damien Robinson 

Guests: Delores Swain, Urban Core CPAC Parks Committee Chair                                                           


The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:05pm.  He welcomed all members and guests.

Guest Presentation

- Delores Swain, Urban Core CPAC Parks Committee Chair – Playground in Klutho Park

  • Seeking support to establish a new playground in Klutho Park
  • Discussion by the Board, review of priorities and recent efforts
    • City Parks and Rec removed a playground in Springfield Park/Shell Park and have since not replaced
    • Springfield Mommies Group, SPAR, and SAMBA support concentrating resources in providing a cover for the existing playground in Confederate Park.
    • SPAR priorities for the parks include 1) a shade structure for Confederate Park, 2) Garbage cans and benches in Klutho Park, and 3) a retooled playground in Shell Park.  
    • Board to send a letter to the Urban Core CPAC


May 2015 Minutes

Please help fill in important bullet points for this meeting, past notes were misplaced

Financial Review

Summary to be sent out at a later time by Treasurer (attached)


Old Business


February 2015 meeting – Minutes approved

No quorum for March 2015 meeting


Tour of Homes Recap

30% increase in attendance from last year, great reviews



               Todd Hollinghead and Damien Robinson volunteered to help the Operations Committee

               Patron’s Party at Candy Apple Cafe downtown planned for evening of November 5th

               Day of Event volunteer coordinator needed


July 4th Baseball Game

SPAR already obtained the necessary permits from the City

A Food Truck will be present, electricity available

Game starts at 4pm



               Proposed bylaws changes attached, Board to review and defer vote to next meeting

               Additional members needed on Governance Committee, can be from the Board or members of SPAR

Board of Directors, recruiting and officer positions – Governance committee will canvas the Board on interest in positions on the Board for the coming year.

Updating by-laws  - Updates distributed by Jack Adams. Melanie Messer volunteered to recreate original WORD document of Bylaws.



               Effort underway to reinvigorate interest and engagement of the community by SPAR, quadrant by quadrant

Two upcoming wine and cheese events are planned, first is August 6th at JoLee Gardner’s home

Postcards and emails will be sent promoting the event and event series


Design Review

  • 1551 Boulevard roof replacement issue – hearing before the magistrate postponed
  • New Terrawise home to be located at 3rd and Walnut Street
  • Proposed DEMO of 36 E. 3rd Street withdrawn by the applicant
  • The Bridge – proposed new teen program building, HPC date uncertain
  • North of the old Pearl building on Main Street – Will Kaiser, modern 2 story office/retail infill development proposed.


SPAR Office Building

Terrawise, David Shacter to occupy downstairs office suite

Southern Site and Underground is growing, may require additional space

Fall season, SPAR to determine cost/benefit analysis of staying in the current office at 1251 North Main

ESC Alarm company - $200 annual cost for all alarm systems


Sign Ordinance Update

               Waiting on OGC and Planning Department Review prior to City Council sponsorship


Neighborhood Traffic Study

Waiting to hear back from City Engineer Nelson Caparas

New legislation sponsored by Councilwoman Lori Boyer allows neighborhoods to petition lower speed limits with cost contribution for signage


1138 Walnut Street Duplex property

SPAR has accepted a cash offer from buyer


New Business


JEA wells issue

JEA seeking several properties to locate water service well sites, several residential properties in Springfield have been targeted with offers on the land

               Sites must be 200ft x 200ft, and located in line with existing underground utilities

               Sites would be serviced by boom trucks and required to be landscaped for screening


Security Fund Restart

               Swisher has gifted SPAR with 5,000 for use in the “security fund”

SPAR Board voted to actively fund several 3 hour shifts weekly, this frequency is higher than usual and will increase police presence for the duration of the summer months.

Announcement to be released by SPAR President


SPAR and SIAA Board meeting

               Potluck dinner scheduled for 6:30 pm on June 29th, open to SPAR and SIAA Board and members

Purpose of the dinner is to better facilitate communication between all neighborhood organizations, define areas of overlap, and determine how we can work better together.


Block Captains Program

Todd Hollinghead and Aaron Glick will look into possible routes to reinvigorating the Springfield Block Captains program and will report back to the Board.


Executive Director’s Report

               Report attached for more detailed review.


Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm. 

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