Board Meeting - 4/20/15

Meeting @ 6pm

Participants: Christina Parish, Executive Director Bill Hoff, President Michelle Tappouni, Vice President Aaron Glick, Secretary Jack Adams Jeff Fountain JoLee Gardner Todd Hollinghead Melanie Messer Ellen Warring

Guests: Robert Ownby, Operation New Hope Jeff Gardner, SIAA

AGENDA: The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:05pm. He welcomed all members and guests.


Guest Presentations - Robert Ownby, Operation New Hope, 8th Street multi-family development  Operation New Hope has broken ground on Dozier Apartments, 122 West 8th Street o 14 mixed income units, tenants will be selected starting in January 2016 o Board continues to be supportive of the project

- Jeff Gardner, SIAA, transferring SPAR historic survey files to SIAA custody  On behalf of SIAA, requests a transfer of various hard-copy historical archive files as currently managed by SPAR, to SIAA. o SPAR has majority of the hard copy records, SIAA has scanned digital copies, available online of a majority of the files. o Questions and Discussion by Board as to roles of both organizations in the community o MOTION called by Jolee; There are broader implications to the request by SIAA – there shall be a Board to Board Meeting. MOTION approved.

Old Business February 2015 meeting – Minutes approved. No quorum for March 2015 meeting. Financial Review Summary to be sent out at a later time by Treasurer (attached). Hiring Paid Staff: Christina Parrish, Executive Director Executive Director Report reviewed (attached) 1 st year goals reviewed (attached) MOTION called; spend $150 to be used to join the Non Profit Center of Northeast Florida, MOTION approved. Hogan’s Creek Clean Up Review Team led by Aaron Glick, March 21, 2015. Another successful clean-up of the creek, 120+ bags of garbage collected from creek and surrounding parks, 60 volunteers Commercial corridor banners Design revision to occur, will come back to the Board with new designs. Springfield signage overlay changes Draft Ordinance under review by OGC, will route to Planning and Development Department for review before filing of legislation by sponsor. Traffic study Continuing to work with City Traffic Engineer, Nelson Caparas. City expecting new equipment to aid in data capture. Issues of most concern continue to be: 1) 4 way stop at 3rd and Market, 2) Bike and Pedestrian improvements in the neighborhood, 3) ‘No Parking’ signs on corners where on-street parking is limited, and 4) Addition of stop signs and reduced speed limits. 2015 Tour of Homes June 6th and 7th , Venues, sponsors, budget, needs reviewed. Update on monies raised distributed by Bill Hoff. Development Report given by Melanie Messer on Fundraising and grant writing goals. ‘Stretch Goals’ reviewed Future ‘Wine and Cheese’ events to be held Membership Report given by Ellen Warring, proposed adding different levels to membership, Lifetime SPAR member and possible benefits, Card carrying possibility, Discounts in the neighborhood. Design Review SPAR Board requests some type of report from the Design Review Committee on their reviews. DR committee needs to draft a formal summary of activities each month to submit to the Board. Currently Todd Hollinghead and Christina Parrish jointly serve as liaison to DR Committee. SPAR office building Lease  Terrawise interested in signing multi-year lease in the SPAR building Office technology  Still need to transfer information from outdated equipment, Bill and Damien to coordinate 1138 Walnut Street Update given by Christina Parrish and Jeff Fountain, report on activity and interest. MOTION called to allow up to $500 to be spent on cosmetic improvements to the property; and, after a period of 30 days, asking price may reduce to $34,900. MOTION approved. New Business Governance Board of Directors, recruiting and officer positions – Governance committee will canvas the Board on interest in positions on the Board for the coming year. Updating by-laws - Updates distributed by Jack Adams. Melanie Messer volunteered to recreate original WORD document of Bylaws. July 4th Throw Back Baseball Game Permit has been acquired from the City. SPAR Signs MOTION called to place another order for more signs, MOTION approved

  • Meeting ends @ 8:07pm

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