Board Meeting - 2/16/15

Participants: Bill Hoff, President JoLee Gardner, Vice President Aaron Glick, Secretary Adam Valiani, Treasurer Melanie Messer Christina Parrish Jeff Fountain Ellen Warring Todd Hollingshead Jack Adams

Guests: Mike Bonts - cancelled. Glen Wieger on progressive dinner in urban core.

AGENDA: The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:05pm. He welcomed all members and guests. 

Guest Presentations Mike Bonts of MBPR Group re Springfield news publication - cancelled.

Glen Wieger re: future fall or winter 2015 event and partnership with SPAR – Urban Core Farm to Table – Oct 24th, 125 to 250 patrons, $75 per ticket. Looking for sponsorships, tents and other overhead costs would come from event budget Date needed – Prefer alternative date – community/one dinner – Board recommended reaching out to Sustainable Springfield – possible discount seating special to Springfield residents floated. Conflicting events: Oct 24 – Halloween Party Oct 11 – Sustainable Springfield farm to table Nov. 7 – PorchFest Board prefers alternative date to Oct. 24th, but willing to help where we can.

Financial Review  Expense review: Giraffe sculpture in Klutho Park, Weather Engineering work completed on building  Income review: House Donation – check from Wells Fargo expected soon.

Meeting Minutes  January 19, 2015 MEETING – UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

Old Business

Bike Racks – Install is complete, 8 locations throughout neighborhood  Few final details – seal ends of handle rack to be completed, add plaques  $300 left in grant  Board to figure out best media, press release announcement Banners along commercial corridors – Bill and Christina  Mockups to be ready March 12  Final design approval needed

Donation of 1138 Walnut Street – Christina  Closing on track for Feb 23.  No LLC needed, insurance coverage complete, roof tarp applied by Wells Fargo  Open up competitive advertisement/listing offer to neighborhood realtors, 3% commission cash or donation to SPAR

Hiring Paid ED – Bill and Todd  Job description distributed, discussion on advertisement on various social media, websites

Sign Ordinance – Aaron  Bill presented to OGC  Need to find a sponsor, ready for legislation

37th annual Tour of Homes – June 6th and 7th  3 venues committed – Southeast quadrant  Barnett Mansion, Victorian at 4th and Market, 5th and Main –Wildcat Grocery  Need 3 more venues

Tree Planting with Greenscape and JEA - Bill  Planted 30 trees, SPAR Being nominated for an award, Keep Jax Beautiful Springfield Community Meeting on March 12th 

Drew Mansion - Michael Borre to close on property 2/18/15

New Business

Development Committee - Melissa  Feb 23rd - Jolee, Christina, Melissa and Michelle to meet at 3 Layers at 6:00 – review and discuss plan Preference of sidewalk materials  Public Works can’t do as much hexagonal paver sidewalk repair – requires approval by SPAR  Consistent sections per block - our policy - we prefer hexagonal pavers Traffic concerns & walk about with COJ traffic engineer

 Nelson Caparas will look at our concerns, come up with solutions 3rd @ Market – 4 way stop  Speed table, humps, and bumps  Speed limit reduction neighborhood wide – possible solution

Hogans Creek Clean UP March 21 – Bill and Aaron  Riverkeeper Year of the River Event  Gastrofest – same day  9:00 am – 12 pm , FB event created  Up to $100 APPROVED for Aaron to spend for clean up related materials

Dragonboat Race – Sept 26th - Todd  SPAR coordination for neighborhood team discussed

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm.

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