Board Meeting - 1/20/14

Participants:       Michelle Tappouni, Bill Hoff, JoLee Gardner, Dane Baird, Jack Adams, Joann Tredennick, Jeff Fountain – via speaker phone, Aaron Glick

Guests: Chris Farley                             



The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:15pm.  He welcomed all of the members and one guest.

Meeting minutes - The December meeting minutes were not available for the Board to review.  JoLee will send to the Board by January 24, 2014.  The Board will review and provide approvals once the information is sent.


Financials – There was no financial report as Ken was not present.  We did however, have the information from the executive committee meeting held on January 14, 2014. The PDF can be viewed as a separate file.

  • Michelle asked if there were any deposits made to the SAMBA account.  3 memberships were received at the Holiday party and the financials don’t reflect a change in the deposits. 
  • SPAR renewed the Tax Free letter a few weeks ago.  
  • Also, we will need to renew the annual corporation report with the state.  JoAnn will complete this task.
  • Median lighting is now working with the exception of 3 lights.  Jack Meeks and JoAnn Tredennick contributed $1000 towards the repairs; Ken Paulk also contributed $1000 towards repairs and a matching grant of $1000 came from Regency (Ken’s wife’s company) and Adam and Michael contributed money through SIAA.    


Fundraising update

  • Wells Fargo – JoAnn and Ken met with Connie Smith and were advised to apply for the same amount as usual; the money would be allocated as half for operations and half for Home Tour Sponsorship. Connie requested specific information on the home tour and she would also like more information on what Wells Fargo will get for their money.   Jack Adams will handle this.  He will get in touch with her to find out the deadline for submittal.
  • Swisher – Swisher donated $5K to Spar in the past not sure who much they will be able to contribute in 2014.  This was through the CCTCP program and Dane was SPAR’s POC.  Dane contacted Christina Salvatore who is an accountant with Swisher about the CCTCP process.  Once the information is received, Ken will complete the reporting.
  • UF Health – Ken spoke to a person at UF Health about a donation they previously provided to SPAR.  The donation was $1k per year for 3 years.  The person at UF said this was the final payment of the agreement and to come back after the 1st of the year and reapply.

LISC meeting summary – Bill, Michelle and Bill Cesery attended a meeting with Richard Barron (UDA) and Janet Owens. The purpose of the meeting was to understand what LISC and UDA want to do in Springfield.  At the meeting, Janet and Richard said they want -

  • A detailed commercial property survey
  • They want SPAR to identify a 4 block area of the neighborhood to concentrate on increasing residential density. There was an initial discussion of where that might be but there needs to be more people involved with this discussion.  
  • The last item discussed was a paid staff request. The information LISC is asking for is a lot of work and SPAR is all volunteer.  Can LISC provide funds for paid staff?  LISC did this previously. Janet would be willing to discuss the paid position again after the strategic planning meeting on February 1, 2014.   Michelle will schedule a meeting for SPAR staff and Janet Owens after 2-1-2014.  In the meantime, LISC will continue to work with the East side on the development of A. Phillip Randolph.

EPIC grant updates – The two grants that are outstanding are the banners and the bike racks.  Michelle will set up a meeting with Janet Owens to discuss the two grants.  JoLee will send out emails to confirm the status of the grant information and try to encourage finalizing the grant process with ONH.


Design Review: The Bridge/fence update - The Bridge put up a fence at the corner of 8th and Perry.  They were cited in August 2013 (Martin Kennelly is working on this).  The fence still hasn’t been removed.  The Bridge was given until January 15, 2014 to file a COA; now the case will go to a Special Magistrate hearing.  Christina is trying to get in touch with the Bridge Ex Director to discuss.  Aaron will send information to Michelle about the regulations.  Once Michelle has the information, she will draft a letter for review and approval by the board.   


SAMBA update – SAMBA is setting up Pop-up Events.  They have set up the events for the rest of the year.  January is Waffa and Mike’s; February – 3 Layers; March – Uptown Market; April – Sweet Pete’s; also talking to Winn Dixie.  May include some places from the Urban Core.  SAMBA will continue its affiliation with SPAR.  They are working with ken to get access to their account and the financials.


Groundworks update – Christina said 3 more people were added to the Board for Groundworks.  They are – Lauren Cowman, Springfield resident; Sara Ashbrook, FSCJ Professor; and Alysa Boyani, Coordinator.  Ground works will begin working on a feasibility plan soon.

Christina Parrish and Aaron Glick are talking to the Riverkeeper about the cleanup of Hogans Creek.  The event will be March 22, 2014.  SPAR to send out information on the event.


Strategic Plan Meeting – February 1, 2014, at the SPAR office.  The meeting will be from 8 to 10am and information will be sent out prior to the meeting.


Discussion of 2014 Officers – Officers will be elected to the following positions - President, 2 Vice President Positions, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Everyone if encouraged to think about taking on one of the roles.  This will be voted on at the February 1, 2014, Strategic planning meeting.



Bill, Jeff, Eric and Leta met about the Spring Home Tour.  The suggested date is May 17 and 18, 2014.  The backup date will be May 11 and 12, 2014.  The group is getting started on all of the tasks.  Prices will be the same as last year with the exception of advertising and sponsorship. 

A few houses have been lined up.  The theme this year is renovation.  There will be no new construction and no gardens as an area of focus.  If no gardens then it was suggested to change the title of the event to Springfield Home Tour.  Bill Hoff is chair of the Home Tour Sub-committee.


Bill met with “Signs by Tomorrow” on Phillips Hwy about getting a quote for the SPAR signs. The information they provided was – a thin metal sign 2 colors 18 x 12 -$25; 12 x 9 - $20.  Design would be similar to the logo on the business card. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm. 

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