Board Meeting - 10/19/15

Date: October 19, 2015
Location/Time: SPAR Office/ 6:00 pm

Participants: Bill Hoff, President Jack Adams
Michelle Tappouni, Vice President Margaret Conner
Aaron Glick, Secretary Jeff Fountain
Adam Valiani, Treasurer Todd Hollinghead
Christina Parish, Executive Director Melanie Messer
Damien Robinson
Jaimee Smith
Ellen Waring

Guests: Charles Garrison, Wells Fargo

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hoff at 6:10pm. He welcomed all members and guests.

September 2015 Minutes
Not available at the time of the meeting, will be reviewed next month.
Executive Director’s Report
Urban Core CPAC Report
Michelle Tappouni running for Vice Chair.
Old Business and Committee Reports
Financial Review

- $20,000 from Wells Fargo re donated house, Porchfest fundraising efforts were the big movers this year, 10,000 +/- expected to
come in
- SPAR is in possession of the giraffe sculpture destined for Klutho Park
Development/ Membership Committee
- January wine and cheese event – Michelle Tappouni hosting
- End of year 2015 is the last year for ‘grandfathered’ memberships, renewal for all existing members and new
memberships will begin with the 2016 calendar year.
- Existing members and new members will be encouraged to renew at the Annual Meeting.
Governance Committee
Proposed by-laws changes (attached)
Page 2 of 3
5 Articles to change: Articles 6,7,8,9, and 11 – MOTION to accept and approve updated Bylaws, unanimously
approved by the Board. MOTION PASSED.
Board of Directors: Candidate applications sent out, Friday October 30th is the deadline for submissions.
Design Review Committee (attachment)
- 1551 Boulevard (roof) – Board discussion on appropriateness of supporting a faux barrel tile roof, will
support findings and recommendations of the Design Review Committee
- Board agrees that Committee must have a SPAR Board Member present at each meeting. MOTION that a
member of the Executive Committee meet with a representative of the DRC to outline the future structure
of the Committee – 11 in support, 1 opposed. MOTION PASSED.
Building Committee
Building maintenance: Visible discoloration on air vents, Michelle Tappouni to get quote, Todd Hollinghead
offered to look into discounts for repair/cleaning
Block Captains Committee
Clean up: Next clean up scheduled for Friday November 6th
, evening before PorchFest
Public Safety Fund: $6,100 in the account. MOTION to have off-duty officers patrol between December11th and
January 5th (Holiday Season), unanimously approved by the Board. MOTION PASSED.
Updates on Projects/Task Forces
Porchfest – Permission to sell beer in the park forthcoming, expecting final event permit approval soon.
Annual Committee Meeting – Thursday November 12th
, 6 pm. – Paul Davis Restoration
Major Agenda items
- Review of Jesse Ball DuPont Fund Block by Block analysis
- Alyssa Key – Love Brigade and 1st and Main presentation
- Elect Board candidates – Michelle Tappouni and Charles Garrison
Building Evaluation
Tabled until November meeting.
Main Street Beautification Proposal
RFP distributed to 3 vendors, report to be given at November meeting.
New JEA Wells in Springfield
JEA receptive to working with SPAR Board and the neighborhood. New locations on non-residential properties
have been recommended.
Possible improvements to 1st and Clark Street area
Traffic Study Follow Up
Page 3 of 3
Speed Studies: Ordinance to lower speed would cost SPAR a portion of the total expense for related traffic
calming measures such as stop signs, speed signs, and speed tables. MOTION to approve spending up to $2,500
if legislation approved by City Council – 11 in support, 1 opposed. MOTION PASSED.
JTA Main Street Charrette: Board to communicate crosswalks on Main Street should be a priority in the
Overlay Changes (signs, etc.)
OGC to push/prioritize the item
Commercial Corridor Banners
Crux Collective will continue to work with SPAR on banner designs
Springfield Shirts
Crux Collective will continue to work with SPAR on shirt designs
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

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