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    Hello SPAR,

    It has been brought to my attention that permits have been issued to Cup Bearers and Love Mobile Shower LLC to provide public showers and food to the homeless in the Klutho pocket park. I also understand that you have been in contact with the city regarding this permitting. I would like to share my concern with you. I am opposed to this service going in our park. While I am in support of providing services to help people in need. This park is not the place to do this work. I don’t believe this organization will maintain the park. Nor do I believe this organization is providing a full range of services that will ultimately help the people that I see in that park daily get off the streets. Living in the area for 18 years, I have seen a history of many organizations who want to use our neighborhood as an encampment for the homeless. I support these services, but the work can’t all be strapped on Springfield, where there are young children and families. This responsibility has to be shared by other neighborhoods too. I don’t believe this church organization is even located in Springfield and should therefore provide their services in the location in which they reside. Thank you for your time. If there is an organized effort to discuss this problem with the city, I would be interested in voicing my concerns.


    Tabitha Collins

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