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Historic Springfield Halloween special events reporter Grimmella DeKaye sat down with the two spokesghouls of the first annual Historic Springfield Fall Porch Decorating Contest to find out who they are and why they love Halloween.

Grimmella DeKaye:  Good evening gentlemen. I am so thrilled that SPAR will be sponsoring this contest and I am excited to find out more about both of you.

Fester N Rotte:  Thank you Grimmella! We are both pleased to lend our services to the contest.

Dr. Blood:  Indeed we are. This should prove to be a most creative event.

GCK:  So, Fester N Rotte – tell me about yourself.

FNR:  Are you sure you want to know?

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The Coffey Team at Compass' Porch of the Month! This contestant will receive the Porch of the Month sign in your yard for November, a photo session of your porch, and a gift basket of goodies. 

Dr. Blood and Fester N Rotte's Prize! This contestant will win a private tour of The Drewseum for a party of 6 to see one of a kind treasures collected over a lifetime in the Dragon's Lair Library, the 20,000 Leagues Theater, the Den of the Living Dead, and the ODDITOPIA! Guest Cottage. Complete the evening with bone-chilling stories told by your host Drew Hunter (a.k.a.) Dr. Blood in the Red Table Room. 

SPAR Facebook Contest Prize! The contestant, with the most likes received on our Facebook album, will have their porch showcased on SPAR Social Media and Newsletter and will receive a Springfield Goodie Bag. 



  • Participation is open to all residents within the boundaries of the Historic Springfield District.
  • Entry Notification must be received no later than Saturday, October 10th by submitting your entry to [email protected]. Be sure to add location notes as needed; for example, “It’s the upper porch of the duplex,” etc.
  • Registration is FREE. You must officially enter to be eligible to win a prize and for your porch to be marked on the map of contestants.
  • Contest is for exterior decorations only, including decorations in windows that are visible from the exterior, as viewed from the street in front of the residence. “Decorations” are to include objects and props; lights and colors; animations; characters, both live, dead, and undead; sound; performances and illusions.
  • The porch that receives the most votes will be declared the Winner of the Contest. The voting period ends at 12:00 AM EDT (midnight) on Tuesday, October 27th.
  • Dr. Blood and Fester N Rotte will announce the winners on Wednesday, Oct 28th, at Music On Main in Sesquicentennial Park.
  • The Contest is intended to unite the neighborhood; please avoid divisive themes.



Send an email to [email protected] to register! Please include your Name and address!


Thank you to our Sponsors & Judges!


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