Little Free Libraries of Springfield

Throughout Historic Springfield, one of the most beloved installations to be found is the collection of Little Free Libraries. The Little Free Library program started in 2009 in Hudson, Wisconsin with a small handful of libraries. In the eleven years since the first library was built, the Little Free Library network has grown to include over 100,000 registered libraries in over 100 countries worldwide. An estimated seven of those make their home in our one square-mile.

The newest Little Free Library addition to Historic Springfield is now located at the SPAR Building (1321 North Main Street). Charter #50646 was donated to SPAR by our neighbors, the Breitmosers. It was then revamped and designed by our neighbor and friend, Heather Bishop. Devised to look like it belongs in our historic district, the library resembles a house and even has a solar light to illuminate the inside at night for easy book browsing. SPAR couldn't be more thrilled with this fantastic addition to our Main Street property.

If there's one thing that we appreciate, it's the walkability between the Little Free Libraries. Neighbors can take an afternoon stroll and visit quite a few of them; simultaneously, dropping off and picking up reading material. Our Community Coordinator, Mandie, makes sure that not only is the SPAR Little Free Library regularly stocked with books, but that the rest throughout the neighborhood are stocked, as well. If you ever have books to donate, please feel free to swing them by 1321 North Main Street and she will disperse them. ⁠

Little Free Library Map

As you can see by the map above, Historic Springfield has at least one Little Free Library in every quadrant except the Northeast Quadrant (east of Main Street and north of 8th Street) of the neighborhood. We would love to see a neighbor take the challenge of establishing a Little Free Library in that quadrant. The steps to doing so are fairly easy.

Potential stewards can either buy one from the LFL Online Store or build one themselves, then register it buy purchasing a charter sign. The last step would be adding your Little Free Library to the global map. As only three of our current libraries appear on the global map, we'd love if our other neighborhood stewards would consider adding their libraries to the map, too.

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