Board Meeting - 9/16/2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

6:00pm Brick and Beam


The meeting was called to order by President Todd Hollinghead at 6:14 pm

Board Attendance


Todd Hollinghead, President, Tim Hope, Vice President, Joey Marchy, Secretary, Christine Lane, Bryant Shumaker, Ryan McFarland, Kelly Lezama, Soner Acar, Janie Coffey, Aaron Leedy, Mallik Singareddy, Jennifer Chapman

Not Present:

Mark Morley (submitted resignation), John Shermetaro (excused), Michael Montoya

Staff/Resources Present: 

Kelly Rich

Guests: None


  1. Motion to accept the Consent Agenda including the August Board meeting minutes as presented: APPROVED
  2. Motion to accept the E-Vote for John Shermetaro to serve as Interim Treasurer: APPROVED
  3. Motion to accept the E-Vote in Support of Phoenix PUD - 2019-551: APPROVED
  4. Motion to confirm the proposal from the finance committee to accept the Forde Firm for 3 year: APPROVED One no vote: Tim Hope, one abstaining vote: Janie Coffey
  5. Move to request $1,000 to complete the architectural and structural documentation to complete the building plans. MOTION AMENDED. REVISED MOTION Move to approve $7,500 for phase two with acknowledgement of phase one completed $6,700 under budget. APPROVED.
  6. Motion to accept the nomination of the new Board Officers as indicated below. APPROVED
    1. Kelly Lezama - Secretary
    2. John Shermataro- Treasurer
    3. Joey Marchy - Vice President
    4. Tim Hope - Board President
  7. Motion to adjourn at 7:45 APPROVED


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