Board Meeting - 6/17/2024


Monday, June 17, 2024

6:00pm @ VCCS - SPAR Office & Google Meet


The meeting was called to order by President John Shermetaro at 6:00 pm.


LEARNING SEGMENT- Groundwork Jacksonville                                        Kay Ehas    


Present:  Board Attendance

John Shermetaro (President), Tyler Grant (Vice President), Mallik Singareddy (Treasurer), Ryan McFarland (Secretary), Kenny Logsdon, Pam Batts-Brown, Daniel Ashworth Jr., Kattie Derringer, Jason Hardwick, Bryant Shumaker, Rachelle Miller, Margie Viss, Melissa Schmitt, Alison Blitch  


Absent: Annie Howe, Kelly Lezama


Guests: Bill Hoff, Tim Hope


Staff: Michael Haskins


Consent Agenda - Approved



  1. Othello… Letter of support for zoning variance recommended (approved)
  2. Groundworks Jax- presenting as learning segment (deferred)
  1. Closure of 6th Street between Boulevard and Jefferson… CRIC has concerns but recommends no action due to lack of reason for closure
  2. Closure of Market Street between Orange and Confederate… CRIC recommends no action due to lack of reason for closure
  3. Demolition of the historic JEA building at Main and Orange. CRIC recommends no action.


3) Traffic Calming Discussion – Recommendation from Community Meeting was for 4-way stops. CRIC has concerns about bike ease of use. Reasonable to suggest 4-way stops at all current intersections where stop signs are on North-South. Michael will bring this to a poll at next CRIC meeting. (deferred)


4) Future of Cities PUD (L-5826-23C) - Requesting letter of support. Mike requesting CRIC volunteer review and update letter for SPAR Board. Draft letter language from Future of Cities. Letter of support recommended. (approved)


5) letter of support for armory (Logsdon and Malik abstain)

Meeting Adjourned: 8:29

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