Board Meeting - 3/18/2024


Monday, March 18, 2024

6:00pm @ VCCS - SPAR Office & Google Meet


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Tyler Grant at 6:03 pm.


Present:  Board Attendance

John Shermetaro (President) (virtual), Tyler Grant (Vice President), Mallik Singareddy (Treasurer), Ryan McFarland (Secretary), Kattie Derringer, Margie Viss, Kenny Logsdon, Rachelle Miller, Pam Batts-Brown, Kelly Lezama, Alison Blitch, Jason Hardwick


Absent: Bryant Shumaker, Annie Howe, Daniel Ashworth Jr., Melissa Schmitt


Guests: Bill Hoff, Anthony Hugo (JTA), Tim Hope


Staff: Michael Haskins


Consent Agenda - Approved



  1. Ratify E-vote: Motion to issue a letter of opposition on the demolition of 1422 N Liberty Street (John S). Second (Mallik S). Motion Passed (10 aye, 1 nay) Approved (1 Nay)
  2. Ratify E-vote: Motion to issue a letter of opposition for zoning exception (E-24-09) on 43 E 4th Street (John S). Second (Kenny L). Motion Passed (7 aye, 4 nay) (Approved)
  3. Tyler makes a motion to authorize Michael to send a letter to the Mayor’s office which we will e-vote on to try to be made a part of the Jaguars stadium agreement with the city. (Approved) (Tyler abstained)
  4. Move to authorize Michael to draft a letter to support the rezoning of Othelo if requested. (Tabled)


Meeting Adjourned: 8:02

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