Board Meeting - 2/17/20

Monday, February 17, 2020

6:00pm Brick and Beam


The meeting was called to order by President, Tim Hope at 6:01pm


Board Attendance

Present:  Tim Hope (President) Janie Coffey, Mallik Singareddy, Jennifer Chapman, John Shermetaro (Treasurer), Joey Marchy (Vice President), Pam Batts-Brown, Bryant Shumaker, Todd Hollinghead, Kelly Lezama (Secretary), Ryan McFarland, Aaron Leedy, Sonar Acar

Absent: Christine Lane (Excused), Michael Montoya 

Guests: Bill Hoff (CPAC Representative), Ben Alcorn, Vito Russo (SH&A) discussed Palatka Porchfest, Peter King (ULI) discussed Technical Assistance Panel & referred to CRIC committee,  Clifford Ayer

Staff: Kelly Rich



  1. Motion to accept the Consent Agenda including the January Board meeting minutes as presented (Lezama): APPROVED Edit Guest Bill Hoff Shadco to CPAC rep 
  2. Motion to accept the Treasurer report as presented (Shermetaro & Hope) : APPROVED
  3. Motion to to approve the 2020 budget as proposed by the Finance committee: APPROVED
  4. Motion to approve Bylaw change to Article 6 - Membership - Section 6.  ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: APPROVED
  5. Motion to consult with Sam Mousa to work with FDOT & CoJ for $1000 per month for up to 3 months. Motion to table discussion based on more defined proposal presented. -  APPROVED to TABLE MOTION
  6. Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:15pm : APPROVED

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