Board Meeting - 1/23/2023


Monday, January 23, 2023

6:00pm @ VCCS - SPAR Office & Google Meet



The meeting was called to order by President, Tim Hope, at 6:00 pm.


Present:  Board Attendance

Tim Hope (President), Joey Marchy (Vice President),  John Shermetaro (Treasurer) - V, Kelly Lezama (Secretary), Annie Howe, AJ Rodriguez, Ryan McFarland, Mallik Singareddy, Jason Hardwick, Pam Batts-Brown, Ben Alcorn, Tyler Grant, Alison Blitch, Daniel Ashworth Jr., Bryant Schumaker, Katie Derringer

Absent: N/A

Guests: Bill Hoff, Todd Hollinghead, Tamera Branam - Eastside Library rep

Staff: Mandie Marron, Meghan Waters


MOTIONS (Motion Log):

  1. Motion to accept the Consent Agenda & December Board meeting minutes as presented: APPROVED
  2. Motion to ratify the e-vote for the letter of opposition to the LaVilla Daily’s Gas station: APPROVED
  3. Motion to move the Wells Fargo Building Funds ($1,000.72) to VyStar Building Savings account: APPROVED
  4. Motion to move the VyStar Operating Savings ($23,087.39) to VyStar Operating Checking account: APPROVED
  5. Motion to move VyStar Building Checking ($62,934.88) to VyStar Building Savings: APPROVED
  6. Motion to accept the presented Officer Election slate: President - Kelly Lezama, VP - AJ Rodriguez, Secretary - Ryan McFarland, Treasurer - Mallik Singareddy: APPROVED
  7. Motion to accept the new CSGP Corporate Resolution Certification: APPROVED
  8. Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:06 pm.

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