Board Meeting - 12/19/2022


Monday, December 19, 2022

6:00pm @ VCCS - SPAR Office & Google Meet



The meeting was called to order by President, Tim Hope, at 6:01 pm.


Present:  Board Attendance

Tim Hope (President), Joey Marchy (Vice President),  John Shermetaro (Treasurer), Kelly Lezama (Secretary), Annie Howe, AJ Rodriguez (V), Ryan McFarland, Todd Hollinghead, Mallik Singareddy, Christine Lane, Jason Hardwick, Pam Batts-Brown, Ben Alcorn

Absent: Bryant Schumaker, Jennifer Chapman

Guests: Bill Hoff, Carrie O’Rourke, Tyler Grant, Kimberly Green, Katie Derringer

Staff: Mandie Marron, Meghan Waters



  1. Motion to accept the Consent Agenda & November Board meeting minutes as presented: APPROVED
  2. Motion to transfer $20,000 out of operating account into our designated Porchfest account: APPROVED
  3. Motion to add to policy and procedures that Governance is required to present all eligible board applicants to the board for a vote: DENIED (N-John)
  4. Motion to release the Org Design applicant resumes to the board members - Motion withdrawn
  5. TABLED MOTION: Motion to take a stance to oppose the proposed duplex on zero E 4th St alley because it is in opposition to the overlay. Motion to table this motion with the action item to follow up in December: APPROVED - Motion tabled to January 2023
  6. Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:47 pm.

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