2018 Residential Revival Project

We’re counting down to 2019 and Springfield’s Sesquicentennial by looking back at 2018 and giving thanks. Join us in celebrating this past year!

We were thrilled to grow our Residential Revival Project this year and give back to a long-term Springfield couple on a small-scale exterior renovation. With $1,000 for materials and the help of donations and volunteer work, SPAR was able to do the equivalent of $15,000 worth of repairs.

The neighborhood residents and businesses truly came together to help protect the historic fabric of our community. Because of the success and continued need in the neighborhood for similar projects, SPAR will continue the program to assist a minimum of one low to moderate income resident each year with the costs of exterior maintenance and restoration of their historic homes.

If you or your business is interested in learning more about donating to this project or volunteering, please email [email protected]. We’ll be announcing details about our 2019 Residential Revival Project soon.