Springfield Ambassador Program

The Springfield Ambassador Program pays for the salary and fees for the continued beautification of our commercial districts. For 2022, one ambassador will be working one day each week to focus on beautification efforts, such as litter pick up, along our sidewalks and streets. They will be working on the 1st-12th blocks of Main Street, as well as the 1800 block of North Pearl Street. If we can continue to grow our funds, our goal would be to extend the coverage to include East and West 8th Streets within Historic Springfield's boundaries.

SAMBA members and residents can help by sponsoring $400 which helps pay the salary and fees for a month or donate a similar smaller monthly amount to help build up the fund. If there's money in the ambassador program fund, then we can continue to keep our ambassador working to beautify our commercial districts. Please note that this is not to take place of our monthly clean ups that focus on the residential areas of the neighborhood.



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