Quarterly Mini-Grant Program

Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association is very excited to announce the launch of our new Quarterly Mini-Grant program for Springfield businesses!

The Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association (SAMBA) offers $250 programming mini-grants to SAMBA members wishing to put on events or programming that promote the Springfield neighborhood.

The goal of the grant is to encourage events in Historic Springfield to show off the history and culture of our community. It is not intended to be used for fundraisers or political gatherings. Preference will be given to those public events that attract a diverse range of participation and promote development in
Historic Springfield.

The SAMBA grant committee has the right to refuse any applicant if it is deemed the event does not fall under the goals of the Programming Grant.

Program Guidelines
 Priority will be given to events held inside the boundaries of Historic Springfield.
 Events can be fee-based or free.
 Existing events adding enhancements can qualify.
 First-time events can qualify.
 Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis and will need to be turned in by the 1st of Nov/Feb/May/Aug for consideration in that grant cycle.
 Grant applications will be judged on a number of criteria including the creativity of event, potential impact of event, marketing of event and how well the event meshes with SPAR/SAMBA’s mission to the Springfield neighborhood.
 All necessary insurance and security must be provided by each event.
 Event must agree to use SPAR/SAMBA logo on marketing materials and to link to the SPAR website (if applicable).
 Event organizer must complete a Grant Application and provide contact information.
 Funds cannot be used for events restricted to private or exclusive participation.
 Organizer must turn in any surveys that they are asked to complete.
 Organizer is limited to one SAMBA mini-grant every 12 months.


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