Other Local Organizations

The Springfield historic district is home to many community organizations and groups. Its residents are known to be active, social and involved in community affairs. Here are some other neighborhood organizations and groups:

  • Springfield Area Merchants and Business Association (SAMBA)
    SAMBA, an affiliate of SPAR, is a coalition of local businesses, all located within the general Springfield area, which work to improve the neighborhood's appeal to new business, as well as support and mentor local businesses. Members include small "mom-and-pop" shops as well as large institutions. Public meetings are held monthly in various locations.

  • Sheriff's Watch
    This is the one group that is not unique to Historic Springfield. In fact, Sheriff Watch meetings are located throughout the city in many neighborhoods. The program provides a monthly forum for residents and local law enforcement to discuss issues or concerns about their specific neighborhood face to face. Updated statistics, trends, Q&As and other helpful information is presented and discussed during meetings. Historic Springfield's Sheriff Watch meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Center.

  • Groundwork Jacksonville
    Groundwork Jacksonville organizes activities and develops resources to improve the Hogans Creek park system and inspire young people. The organization was created through a partnership between the National Parks Service and City of Jacksonville, and has other chapters around the globe.
  • Springfield Improvement Association & Archives 
    SIAA is one of the oldest improvement associations in Florida, founded in 1904 as a Women's Club, and was originally established to improve amenities in the area. Today, it coordinates the annual Holiday Home Tour and works to preserve recorded history of the neighborhood.

  • Springfield Families Group
    The Families Group organizes family-friendly activities, connects local family's with one another, and provides resources for parents in the Springfield historic district.
  • Sustainable Springfield
    Sustainable Springfield is a Springfield-based organization focused on encouraging sustainable living in our community.

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