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The Springfield historic district is one of true gems of the South, steeped in history, stories, and charm. It's just waiting for you to explore, rough edges and all. With that in mind, we have helped develop two different ways to tour the neighborhood - by foot or by bicycle.


Audio Walking Tour

Confed-Women1_1_-S_1_.jpgDownload the Audio Walking Tour here, or subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes.

The Audio Walking Tour highlights a small sliver of Historic Springfield, explaining the architectural and historical significance of some of area's most visible landmarks. Spanning from Confederate Park to the south, up to the iconic Klutho Apartments to the north, give yourself 45 minutes to walk this self-guided tour comfortably.


29496_118940004807281_100000738477559_144388_6724447_n_1_-S_1_.jpg  Guided Bicycle Tour

There's no better way to enjoy our diverse and quarky neighborhood than by bicycle, which e2ride Bicycle Tours facilitates brilliantly. Your guide will lead you on a liesurely journey through Jacksonville's oldest community, pausing to enjoy stories of pop culture history, significant architecture, and scandalous murder. Bicycle equipment and snacks are provided by e2ride, or bring your own for a discount.

Find more information and make a Bicylce Tour reservation here.





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